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Do you like Fu Heng? Why is pure Princess black?

Did you see today's "Yanxi strategy"? Even Princess Xian said she couldn't see through the pure princess, and finally began to let people see her mind. The pure imperial concubine knew that Fu Heng was going to marry Yingluo. She became frustrated and began to blacken! Does pure Princess like Fu Heng?

it can be seen from a detail that she has a feeling of Indescribability and ambiguity about Fu Heng, the younger brother of the queen. Yingluo was led to her palace by Gao Guifei, who not only provided her with another material evidence of her sister's murder, but also told her that the murderer of her sister was the FUCA family. Not only that, but also a pack of poison to poison the queen.

Yingluo serves tea to Fu Heng and the emperor in Changchun palace. The pure imperial concubine passes by and smells the unique fragrance of Gao Guifei. It is suspected that Yingluo is not good for the empress and Fu Heng. She immediately breaks the tea cup before drinking the tea. After Yingluo shows her loyalty to her, Fu Heng leaves for nothing. When she got up, the pure princess's eyes to Fu Heng clearly revealed a different look. For the first time in such a long time, pure Princess showed such care and affection to Fu Heng. People can't help but wonder whether she has admiration for Fu Heng.

According to the novel, chunfei not only has a deep love for Fu Heng, but also has a secret love for many years. In those days, before entering the Royal Palace of Baoqin, chunfei had already adored the younger brother of the empress. At that time, she took advantage of FUHENG's absence and put a spike in his book of arms. In order to be afraid that Fu Heng didn't know, pure imperial concubine also dragged his servant girl (that is, the maid jade pot around now) to give Fu Heng a love letter.

However, Yuhu, as the servant of the pure imperial concubine's family at that time, was afraid that the pure imperial concubine and Fu Heng would destroy the whole Su family together, so he didn't give the letter to Fu Heng. But this pure imperial concubine personally beat the spike, let Fu Heng mistakenly think it was sent by the queen, so many years have been hanging on a jade match. Later, the fuchas sent their daughter to the prince's palace. The pure princess, who had refused to go, suddenly agreed. All this is because of this spike. Pure Princess mistakenly thinks Fu Heng has a good feeling for him, but because she already has a husband's family, she secretly decides to protect the queen.

I didn't expect that Fu Heng didn't know the truth about this spike for so many years, until the pure Princess learned that Fu Heng wanted to marry Yingluo. Pure imperial concubine learns Fu Heng's heart for Yingluo. She finds Fu Heng when she is sad and wants to know about it. However, she knows that Fu Heng has no affection for her for so many years. It's pure amorous. Fu Heng is saying, "men and women are different. Fu Heng and you don't know each other very well." let pure imperial concubine blacken completely. Pure imperial concubine sees that her many years of hard work is so terrible. She decides to get 'reward' in another way The first thing she had to do after that was to start with the queen.

Fu Heng could not have imagined that one of the things he had with him would let pure Princess guard the queen silently for so many years. And what he said to the pure princess would indirectly kill her sister. The plot behind "Yanxi strategy" is really more and more cruel. You remember to prepare paper towels.