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What is the relationship between Fuyao Fengxuan and Fengqi? Who is Fuyao's natural mother?

Have you been chasing the drama lately? The star of the ancient women's inspirational drama "whirlwind" is on the air. Lin Jing, a senior actor, plays two roles of Feng Qi and Feng Xuan. They have a very similar appearance, but their temperaments are very different. So who is the natural mother of Fuyao? The life experience of Fuyao has been revealed.

in those days, Fengqi and Fengxuan almost produced at the same time, but their daughter experienced a very different fate in the future. Only one of the twin sisters has Phoenix spirit. Fengqi has died and her daughter's name is fengnameless! So what's the relationship between Fuyao Fengxuan and Fengqi? Next, Xiaobian will introduce them to you.

An introduction to the relationship between Fuyao Fengxuan and Fengqi

The seal of Fuyao in the latest plot will be untied soon, and her real identity and life experience will come to the surface.

Fengqi and Fengxuan are twins. Fengqi is the elder sister and the eldest princess. She was supposed to be the heir to the throne. However, according to Xuanji's ancestral system, all Wang's children should send Zhuoyuan to test the spirit of Phoenix. Only those with Phoenix spirit can be chosen as the heir. Because Fengqi and Fengxuan are twins, the queen asked them to go to Zhuoyuan at the same time. There is no precedent. In the past, they came one by one, because they sent two in, they did not show the spirit of the Phoenix. Maybe one of them is not, and it also affected the other.

First, the queen decided to wait for the two princesses to give birth to children and then check from their children which child has Phoenix spirit, who is the heir. Originally, Fengqi was born with a nameless Phoenix. This child inherited her Phoenix spirit and was stolen by Fengxuan and robbed of her throne. In the story of Fuyao, Fengxuan loves Yuheng, who married her sister, Fengqi. She killed her sister, Fengqi, because of love, hate and fear of plot exposure. At that time, Xu Wan, a palace maid, hid in the cupboard with the baby's Phoenix nameless in her arms, which saved her from being poisoned.