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What does Wu Yifan mean by DIS track? What's the matter with Wu Yifan?

DIS is a common word in hip-hop music. Recently, Wu Yifan was hacked by the whole Internet. He posted a micro blog saying that he would wait for dis track, so do you know what dis track means? Let's follow the editor to understand it.

What does dis track mean

Dis track is the meaning of dis track, which refers to the organized dis. Its main purpose is to show contempt or insult to someone or a group, especially in hip-hop circles.

In response to the dispute between fans and users of Hupu forum, Wu Yifan said that there would be a dis track. The reason for the quarrel was that the tiger threw on Wu Yifan's hip-hop music level and the word "misuse'skr" and "malice handling of the audio and video". The tiger pounced street also changed the light to'skr'. What does skrr mean in hip-hop rap? Skrr, how to pronounce it?

The diss in rap circle is not to fight on the Internet, but to write a diss track to express their opinions. Those who write a few rhyming words are called dis. The rap circle laughs that: XX only types, and wrote a song called dis. Once this kind of behavior [laughs Cray], there is a dis track. If the counterattack is dis back. Last year, the classic diss track was the HME of pgone, and many players were tucking up. Huang Xu replied to the diss back tracks. After that, they chatted very well and took selfies with each other. In fact, dis doesn't have a deep hatred. It should be more real expression and exchange, and learn from each other. As Ouyang Jing explained last year, DIS is also a kind of mutual respect. It's not the wanton personal attacks and rumors on the Internet.

What is Wu Yifan's dis track

On the 25 day, Wu Yifan uploaded the new song video and responded positively to the quarrel between the fans and the tiger forum users. Don't go to the scene to listen to our music. You don't need to work hard to do special processing and silencing. My music doesn't need to be listened to by your group. Finally, wait for dis track. '

Wu Yifan uses a rapper's way to respond to all queries through dis back. He is real and has an attitude. He expects to fight back against internet violence through music works. Wu Yifan has been sparing no effort to promote Chinese rap. His love and persistence for rap music and efforts to promote Chinese rap music are obvious to all. His musical talent and strength are highly respected and recognized by Han Hong, Gao Xiaosong and other famous musicians. 》》What do you mean by "disspack" in rap? How to use it

Yesterday, Liu Fuyang published "the emperor's new clothes". It seems that rapper will continue to express his opinions. Before that, he supervised Wu Yifan and Zhao Qin, who also came out. I don't evaluate the beef rationally. What I'm excited about is that it's the first productivity of rap circle. However, to be honest, I'm looking forward to Wu Yifan's dis track.