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What's a good gift for your girlfriend on Valentine's day? List of gifts on Chinese Valentine's Day

What's the best gift for your girlfriend on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018? It's always a headache for you to give your girlfriend a gift. Especially on Valentine's day, lovers will prepare it in advance. For those who are not good at words, if you want to catch up with the goddess you like, you must do your homework in advance.

List of gifts to girlfriends on Chinese Valentine's Day 2018

1. Lovely pet pillow

Girls generally like pets or plush toys. They can choose customized pet pillow. Sending pillow represents warmth, consideration, care and company forever. Creative pillow, small warmth. In addition to warmth and comfort, the pet's shape is cute, very cute, and the specific pet shape or pattern can be any one she likes, such as prone bear, Ali, Winnie bear, SpongeBob, angry bird and so on. Such gifts are both creative and lovely.

2. Cartoon doll bouquet

In addition to flowers and bouquets, it's also a good choice to send a doll bouquet. A big handful of dolls are piled together, very cute. Girls have almost no resistance to cartoon plush. Send a bunch of cartoon flowers, let her be a little princess, and pet her in my arms all the time.

3, lipstick

If you want to give a gift to your girlfriend and a cosmetic, lipstick is a safe choice. Basically, it's not so wrong to choose the brands that girls will like, such as YSL, Givenchy, Armani, Dior, CPB, TF... But lipstick is all colored. If you want to, you can choose Dior 520, or No. 13 and No. 14 of other brands, which will definitely win the hearts of beauties.

4. Delicate trinkets

Every girl likes some exquisite and beautiful ornaments, such as inexpensive all silver pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on, which are good choices for your future wife and girlfriend on Valentine's day. The exquisite jewelry with exquisite style and elegant shape is packaged in a well-designed packing box to give to your girlfriend on Valentine's day.

5. Flower bouquet

Flower bouquet is the most important gift in the Valentine's Day gift. A beautiful flower bouquet is customized by your special creativity and written with all kinds of love greetings for your girlfriend on the day of the Chinese Valentine's day. It is absolutely the most perfect Valentine's Day gift in every girl's mind. It is the best choice to send flowers on Qixi Festival. Of course, you can choose roses, lilies, tulips and so on.

6, bag

Many girls are obsessed with clothes and bags. For example, there will always be less clothes in a girl's wardrobe, but there will always be less bags. Because even if you buy clothes, you still have to choose a bag that matches your clothes. So it's a good choice to give your girlfriend a bag. There is an old saying that we can cure all diseases. When choosing a bag, you can refer to your girlfriend's daily style, or inadvertently let her have a look and ask if she likes it or not.

7. Couple cup

There is a lifelong moral to the cup. You can also print your photos on the cup. When she sees the cup, she thinks of you and smiles. This little gift of love will bring your girlfriend endless joy. 8.

8, WeChat or Alipay red envelopes

I don't know what gift to buy. I can choose to send a red envelope. My girlfriend can choose the gift she likes. After all, the payment is now all electronic wallet, so the red envelopes should be the necessary skills of this generation of young people. So it is no longer convenient to express sincerity, WeChat or Alipay red packets.