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Who is Zheng Shuangxin's boyfriend? Zheng Shuangxin's boyfriend Zhang Heng's personal data is the se

Zheng Shuang's emotional road is also relatively bumpy. Recently, he has a new boyfriend. Who is Zheng Shuang's new boyfriend? On the afternoon of July 16, a netizen revealed that Zheng Shuang is suspected of having a new love. The protagonist of the new love is the competition director of the variety show "this! Is iron armour", a post-90s rich second generation graduate from an Ivy League school.

Recently, some netizens took the latest pictures of Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin, who are very intimate on the street. Their relationship has attracted wide attention of netizens.

Hu wrote on his micro blog Thursday that the two had not been reunited and were the last time they met each other in their lives. On the 26th, a netizen took a close picture of Zheng Shuang and another man in the same frame, suspected of starting a new relationship. According to the sources, the man is Zhang Heng, the competition director of the variety show "this! Is iron armour" which Zheng shuangzeng was a permanent guest. He is 185cm tall and the second generation of the post-90s rich. Zhang Heng has participated in the production and investment of the program, and they are suspected of working for love.

Zheng Shuang has always been known for being pure and lovely and being in the circle along with sex, but in terms of his own luck in peach blossom, this time it's really not good for everyone. And it's well documented that the black material of the ex boyfriend was ripped off. The girl who broke the news was the girl Zhang Heng had asked for before. Zhang Heng didn't respond to this, and Zheng Shuang hasn't responded to his love so far. But the worry and concern of netizens is actually for Zheng shuanghao, hoping that Shuang's younger sister will not be cheated by slag man.