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How does the woman eat the silkworm chrysalis and the God of death wipe the shoulder to eat the silk

After eating silkworm chrysalis, a female college student in Ankang had a serious allergic reaction: her eyes were red at one time, her eyelids were red and swollen, her breathing was not smooth, and her life was out of danger after emergency rescue. Why do you miss death when eating silkworm chrysalis? Many people like to eat silkworm chrysalis, but be careful.

After leaving the hospital, the student's parents left a message on the website of Ankang Municipal government, suggesting that the drug regulatory department require catering enterprises to give a warning of allergy risk to silkworm chrysalis. In response, Ankang food and Drug Administration said that it had received the transfer of the municipal government, and the relevant departments were actively dealing with it.

A citizen

Children are seriously allergic to silkworm chrysalis

"It is suggested that the relevant departments require the catering enterprises selling silkworm chrysalis to remind them of the risk of allergy. This suggestion is due to a food allergy that my daughter passed by with death. Recently, the message of "Xiao Wan", an Ankang citizen, on the website of the municipal government, attracted the public's attention.

In the afternoon of July 8, my daughter ate several silkworm pupae in a cold dish in a small restaurant. After about 50 minutes of eating, she had a strong reaction: first, the lower respiratory tract had a strong sense of hot and sour irritation, and then the irritation quickly spread to the upper respiratory tract. Tears gushed out. I thought it was the anti acid of the food. I quickly soaked the towel in cold water and wiped the eyes twice. I found that the eyelids of my daughter also came from the eyes The eyelid is slowly red and swollen. I called the doctor immediately. The doctor heard that the baby had just eaten the silkworm chrysalis. It was judged that it was the food allergy caused by the silkworm chrysalis. Let's take the baby to the hospital as soon as possible. "Xiao Wan" said that they took their children to the Ankang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to see the emergency department. At 7:48 p.m. when they registered, they went to the emergency surgeon and immediately asked the nurse to give the child a monitor and oxygen supply. Just after the monitor was put on, the child pulled out the oxygen by hand, saying that the nasal cavity was blocked and could not breathe.

Xiao Wan describes the symptoms of anaphylaxis: red eyes, red and swollen upper and lower eyelids, red tides on the whole face, and swollen nose. After the emergency consultation, after the use of drugs, the child's symptoms have eased, this time is around 9 p.m. This hour is a race between life and time.

After one night's infusion, the child's allergy symptoms gradually disappeared. At more than 6 o'clock in the morning, only the redness and swelling of both eyes did not completely subside. After various examinations, the hospital believed that it was a simple food allergy, and other indicators were normal. After the doctor opened the anti allergy standby medicine, he was approved to leave the hospital.

After the child left the hospital, Xiao Wan talked to several acquaintances about the silkworm chrysalis, only to learn that there are many people who are allergic to the silkworm chrysalis. This kind of allergy has a rapid onset and course of disease. If the golden time for rescue is delayed, there will be a life risk. In response, 'Xiao Wan' suggested in the message that food sales enterprises should make a risk warning that may cause food allergy when selling silkworm chrysalis.

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People who have a history of allergy eat silkworm chrysalis carefully

"This patient is a 20-year-old female college student. At that time, she had severe allergic symptoms. "Yesterday, Zhao Qiang, an emergency doctor of Ankang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that after understanding, the patient was indeed allergic to silkworm chrysalis. Silkworm chrysalis is a kind of food containing high-quality protein. Their emergency department will receive several cases of allergic patients every month, most of them are food allergies. Among them, there are relatively more cases of silkworm chrysalis allergy. As a kind of protein rich food, the protein in silkworm chrysalis is different from the protein in general food, so it is easy to cause food allergy. People who are light will be itchy. What's serious is nausea and vomiting, and erythema on their bodies. It reminds people who have a history of allergy to eat silkworm chrysalis carefully.

Yesterday afternoon, the political office of Ankang food and Drug Administration said it had received the transfer of the municipal government and was being handled by the relevant departments. For the risk of allergy to silkworm chrysalis, food and beverage staff said they were actively studying and reminded allergy risk through WeChat public numbers and mobile phone messages.