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How long can I take a bath after cupping? Precautions and taboos after cupping

Many people like to take a bath after cupping. They think it's very comfortable. In fact, this idea is quite wrong. When cupping, the pores of the whole body are in an open state, so it is easy to let cold air enter the body, so do not take a bath immediately after cupping.

How long can I have a hot bath after cupping?

Generally speaking, it is absolutely not allowed to take a bath within 3 hours after cupping. It is better to take a bath after 24 hours. However, how long you can take a bath after cupping depends on the skin condition after cupping, because cupping will cause different degrees of skin damage, such as red, purple, black purple, blisters, etc

1. There is no skin damage after cupping for 3-8 hours. After cupping, there is no obvious color change on the skin. After cupping, the skin can be bathed for another 3-8 hours.

Specific method: dry the towel and wipe it to avoid excessive moisture and bacteria invading the body.

2. If there is blister 48 hours after cupping, then take a bath. If there is blister 48 hours after cupping, it is a serious symptom of skin damage. It is better to take a bath 48 hours after cupping, and during this period, you should try to avoid direct contact with water, which is more conducive to recovery.

3. After cupping, the skin damage should be treated first, then after bathing and cupping, if the skin is obviously broken, not only can't take a bath, but also avoid water, should first disinfect and wipe the medicine, in serious cases, should use the medicine under the guidance of the doctor, and then take a bath after the wound is completely healed.

It's not suitable to take a cold bath after cupping remember, you can't take a cold bath after cupping, so as to avoid the internal depression of Yang, and it's OK to take a hot bath in a few days. However, it is generally recommended to take a warm bath, or not too hot water.

Harm of bathing immediately after cupping

1. Against the effect of cupping

After cupping, all the sweat pores under the cupping are open. If you take a bath at this time, the wind and cold will come in. Originally, cupping is to remove the cold and humidity at the cost of damaging blood and blood. If there is any more cold and humidity invasion, it's not worth the loss.

2. Damage skin

The skin after cupping is fragile, and it may be easier to break when bathing.

3. Catch a cold

After cupping, the skin is in a state of being injured, very fragile, and bathing at this time can easily lead to skin damage and inflammation. And if it is a cold bath, because the skin is in a state of pore opening, it is easy to catch cold. Therefore, you must not take a bath immediately after cupping. You can pull out the cupboard after taking a bath, but you must not take a bath immediately after pulling out the cupboard.

Notes on bathing after cupping

1. After cupping, take a bath, dry the water, keep the skin dry, and drink warm boiled water for detoxification;

2. You can also take a bath and apply a layer of protective oil before cupping, which can not only protect the skin, but also help to clean the pores and discharge toxins.