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What's the matter with walking, calling and being struck by lightning? Don't call in stormy weather

What's the matter with walking, calling and being hit by lightning? Do you dare to call in rainy days later? According to the 'Central News Agency', police in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, said that a 22-year-old woman was seriously injured by lightning after a local open-air concert in the early morning of the 20th, and has not been out of danger since she was sent to the hospital.

Kenosha County Sheriff's Office pointed out that Brittany Prehn, a 22 year old woman from Wood Woodstock, Illinois, attended the open-air concert of the Country Thunder Music Festival held in Twin Lakes on the evening of 19. After the concert, at about 0:30 on the 20th, when she was walking alone on the road, she was hit by lightning.

Police pointed out that when prien was hit by thunder, he happened to pass a camp without any documents.

Witnesses said that the evening of the 19th was the first performance of the "rural thunder Music Festival". When the program came to an end, a sudden storm caught the audience by surprise.

Witness Thomas wiskirchen told Fox 6 that just as people were hurrying for shelter from the rain, Prynne, who was walking on the phone, was hit by lightning. A hole appeared in her head and side, and her boots fell off her feet.

He said that prion's cell phone was burned, and so were electronic cigarettes.

Kenosha Sheriff David Beth said people at the camp called the police when they found prien unconscious. It was not until the morning of the 20th that police confirmed prion's identity after she was hospitalized.

Bisher said that prion's relatives and friends were scattered in different places in the camp. After her disappearance, her friends thought she was in other camps. Prion's mother finally confirmed prion's identity to the police by phone through her daughter's tattoo.

According to media reports, Prynne is still in critical condition at the burn and scald center at Loyola hospital, Illinois.

The organizers of the concert said they would pay close attention to the weather next.