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Will Ronaldo go to jail if he is punished by Spain for tax evasion?

Cristiano Ronaldo has received a Spanish sentence and a two-year sentence. Fans don't have to worry. He doesn't need to go to jail like Messi. As long as he doesn't commit any new crimes during the probation period, he doesn't need to go to jail. ​

Former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has reached a formal agreement with Spain's legal department to accept a two-year sentence (but with a reprieve), while paying 13.56 million euros in taxes and 5.26 million euros in fines to the tax authorities, radio cope reported.

Cope radio said that after his move to Juventus, Cristiano Cristiano was eager to cut off all ties with Spain, including getting rid of the entanglement of Spanish tax authorities and courts as soon as possible. His team finally reached the agreement with the other side. However, according to Spanish law, the so-called two-year sentence (suspension) will not be executed at all in the future, because any sentence of two years or less, as long as it is a first-time offender, does not need to be really imprisoned in Spain.

A large part of the reason for Ronaldo's departure from Real Madrid is his disgust with the Spanish authorities, which makes him no longer nostalgic for Spain. According to British media reports, Ronaldo has sold Madrid's luxury homes for 4.8 million pounds, while shutting down all business in Madrid.

In fact, Ronaldo wanted to leave Real Madrid last summer, but Bernabeu refused to reduce his penalty (1 billion euros), which made no team able to take over. This summer, Real Madrid accepted the offer of 100 million from Juventus. Ronaldo was relieved and immediately chose to flee Spain.

One of the reasons why Ronaldo chose Italy this time was that he didn't have to pay as much tax as he did in Spain. According to the new Italian law, those new tax payers who come to Italy only need to pay a symbolic tax of 100000 euros for the part of their income earned outside Italy, which is very attractive to Ronaldo and his team, because a considerable part of his income comes from all over the world.

The Italian tax rules will make Ronaldo happy. According to the media, due to the different tax laws of the two countries, Ronaldo's net weekly after tax salary in Real Madrid is about 365000 euros, while in Italy, it will become nearly 500000 euros. "Cristiano Ronaldo's net income in Italy will be higher than that in Spain, which makes Madrid unable to compete," said Spanish President Sebastian tebas. '

In fact, it is only in recent years that Spanish authorities have begun to attack the issue of tax on the right to portraits of stars. Before 2014, the image right income of public figures obtained from the operation of foreign companies was defined as overseas income without paying taxes. Therefore, many stars gave this income to foreign companies. For example, the image right management of C Luo was handed over to a British company. However, since 2014, the Spanish authorities have begun to crack down on this operation. Many stars have been accused. Ronaldo, Messi, Mourinho, Mascherano, Modric, Sanchez, etc. in the football circle have been further accused in this regard.