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Lugu Lake, the ancient city of Lijiang, will limit the flow of water. It's time to catch up

Pay attention to the poor tour! Lugu Lake, the ancient city of Lijiang, will limit the flow of people. For those who have not yet been here, hurry up, or they will not be able to go there even if they break their heads in the future. Why should Lugu Lake, Lijiang, Yunnan, restrict the flow of people?

Recently, after the daily tourist volume of Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang is limited to 10000 people, Lijiang ancient city and Lugu Lake, a popular scenic spot in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, will also implement flow control. Local leaders said that they will no longer pursue the number of tourists unilaterally. It will transform from the simple tourism in the past to leisure, vacation and health care.

According to the data, the number of tourists to Lijiang has exceeded 40 million in 2017. On average, more than 100000 people a day, and the vast majority of these 100000 tourists will visit Lijiang ancient city.

Many people who want to give their hearts a fake will choose to fly to the ancient city of Lijiang; Lijiang is a charming town with ancient and modern styles, which will deeply brand everyone who plays in Lijiang.

Old Town of Lijiang, as a minority city, has the unique style of the Naxi people from the general layout of the city to the essence of the Han, Bai, Yi and Tibetan Nationalities.

In Lijiang, you can also go to Lugu Lake, the daughter country full of romantic and mythological legends, to pursue the freshness and beauty that has been sealed up!

Lugu Lake is regarded as "Mother Lake" by local Mosuo people and also as "Penglai fairyland". It has rich forest resources, beautiful mountains and rivers, fresh air and charming scenery. When I came to Lugu Lake, I saw the small island floating on the calm lake like a boat. Everything is quiet, which is really a place for gods to live. '

However, as the current of Lugu Lake, the ancient city of Lijiang, is about to be restricted, some people will not come here to have a poor tour again. There are no more rare tourists here, focusing on the welcome to holiday, health and high consumption groups.

So I don't have any money in my pocket. I want to come here to travel. Hurry up while the current is not limited!