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Police responded to Disney tourists' argument that parents of boys were too arrogant to compensate 1

Recently, a netizen revealed that last weekend, a mother beat her little sister at the gate of the fandiego theatre in Shanghai Disneyland. Once the incident was exposed, it caused a lot of netizens' hot discussion. For children, it's really sad to have such parents!

According to witnesses, the cause of the incident may be that an 8-year-old boy accidentally encountered a sensitive part of a woman's body in the process of walking. The woman said a few words to the boy, but the mother of the boy was very angry, saying that the little sister attacked her son with words, and then beat and scolded the girl and the child together with the walker.

This afternoon, the Public Security Department of the international tourism resort of Pudong branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau reported that at about 17:00 on July 14, the Public Security Department of the resort of Pudong Public Security Branch received 110 reports that a tourist was beaten at the gate of the fandiego theatre of Disneyland. After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene for disposal. According to the investigation, the child (male, born in October 2010) of the tourist Ding (female, born in May 1984) had a physical contact with the tourist CAI (female, born in September 1989) due to the crowded scene when he finished the performance at the fandiego theatre. Therefore, the two sides had a quarrel, which led to a physical conflict, and both sides had slight bruises. After mediation by the people's mediation committee, on the same day, the two parties reached an understanding and signed a mediation agreement, Ding Mou compensated Cai Mou 1000 yuan.

Previously reported:

The 8-year-old boy touches the buttocks of a woman named Disney. Parents: who touches you when you look like this?

Shanghai Disneyland recently witnessed an incident in which a 8-year-old boy's mother beat and abused a woman for her theory of touching her hip. After the incident was exposed on the Internet, netizens were outraged.

According to witnesses, last weekend, at the gate of Shanghai Disneyland's fandiego theatre, when the "may be over, walking back and forth, an 8-year-old boy met the sensitive part of the little sister, and then the little sister said a few words about the boy. As a result, the boy's mother got angry and said that the little sister attacked her son. "So the mother began to beat and scold her little sister.

According to the online video, the attacker was a woman in black, and a woman in white beside her was also abusing her sister. Another woman in a cap has been holding the boy to avoid being affected.

In the video, the woman in white yells: 'when I meet you, I'll meet you. What do you shout?'

While the woman in black picked up the hat on the ground and beat it on her sister's head without saying anything. The words were very vulgar, and she said: 'an 8-year-old touched your ass, haven't you been touched?'

Later, Disney staff rushed to the scene, and the women in white and black immediately came forward to explain: 'she said an 8-year-old touched her butt. '

The little sister cried that the other three not only beat her, but also pushed her to the ground.

When the staff evacuated the crowd, the woman in white still couldn't help shouting at her little sister: 'long x like, still touch your ass?'

According to netizens, both sides were finally taken away by staff of Shanghai Disneyland.

On July 19, a reporter from Beijing time called Shanghai Disneyland. The staff said it was inconvenient for them to accept the interview. Once the incident is followed up, they will release a statement on the official microblog.

Netizens say so

@Lin: children may come across it unintentionally, but this mother's behavior tells children that even if you touch it on purpose, you can be supported by a mother. That's what hooligans teach you

@Civet: education is a good thing

@Fat Fei: sad that this little boy has such a mother

@I wonder if there is any misunderstanding without watching the video. The possibility of knowing it is a misunderstanding is very low

@S * * Bo: I wanted to say that the little sister didn't have to be so serious when the child accidentally met her. Who knows that the mother scolded her so that the child could hear her? That's why people have to doubt the cultivation and intention

@You depend on: this girl is aggrieved enough

@Q * * She: even if it's accidentally met, the parents of the child say hello, there will be no next thing.

@Fang: I didn't think an 8-year-old child would consciously do such a thing. But after seeing the parents. All of a sudden, I thought it might have been taught by my parents.

@Right * * * n: parents are impulsive and do not reflect, and will eventually suffer from eating bad results

@T * * * m: upper beam is not right and lower beam is crooked

@Miao: any parent can teach any child. Through this parent's behavior, I really believe that her child deliberately touches other people's girls

@Fat man: it seems that it's better to be beaten than to be beaten. Don't you judge before swearing

@Y * * 5: parents are so incompetent. How about children?

@Chang: I'm also a mother, but I want to say to this mother, don't think your child even farts are fragrant, right is right, wrong is wrong. If the parents just protect their children and don't guide them correctly, then someone will discipline your children for you in the future.