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How to recuperate the damp heat constitution

At the turn of summer and autumn, the rain usually falls for a long time, the air is humid and sultry, so there are many people with damp and hot constitution. In hot and humid weather, for the people with hot and humid constitution, how to adjust their diet and life? The following small edition will introduce several effective ways to eliminate body dampness. People with damp and hot constitution may try to get help from it.

First of all, for food conditioning, people with hot and humid constitution should eat more aromatic food. You can eat some fragrant vegetables, such as coriander, Schizonepeta, agastache, etc., but you can't overdo them, because they are also wet and can't eat too much. They can be used as side dishes to remove moisture. There are bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, winter melon, papaya, yam, which can be eaten as the main course, can play the role of diuresis. In addition, ginger, anise, cinnamon and other spices have the effect of dispelling cold, dehumidification, sweating and so on. When cooking every day, put some properly to have the effect of dispelling dampness in the warm. In the hot and humid season, porridge is also a good choice. Poria cocos, Atractylodes macrocephala, millet and rice are all appropriate. Cooking every day can strengthen the spleen, remove dampness and nourish the stomach. For children or people with long-term weakness of the spleen and stomach, such as those who don't want to eat, lack of energy, or have stomach distention, diarrhea and other spleen deficiency and dampness after meals, they can mix Chinese yam and chicken internal gold in the proportion of 1:1 to grind powder, and drink one spoon a day to alleviate the symptoms.

The second way is to drink more Coix tea. Job's tears is a common Chinese medicine. It's also a common food. It's sweet, mild and cold. It's good for water, swelling, spleen and dampness. Job's tears can get rid of dampness, fire and acne. The dregs of soup can also be eaten. AI ye, Peilan and other partial temperature, can dehumidify, bamboo leaf, lotus leaf and other partial cool performance heat, every day foam clothing, can help to remove the heat and humidity in our body Finally, we should eat less greasy and sweet food to prevent damp heat. Damp and hot constitution, in addition to diet, should not overeat, drink too much, eat less greasy, too sweet food, in order to develop a good digestive function. Pay attention to moderate drinking water, avoid water wet inside stop or wet from outside. Insist on going to bed early and getting up early every day, ventilate the room frequently, and form the habit of defecating on time. Get up early and exercise until you sweat, because sweating helps to get rid of moisture For the body damp heat, if only for mild symptoms, through the above conditioning methods will usually be improved. However, if the symptoms are serious and there is no effect after a period of conditioning, then we should find TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment before conditioning.