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Why is the connotation segment permanently shut down? What's the reason why the inner story is banne

once accompanied by a big band friend, the content segment can only live in memory now. What's the matter with the content segment being permanently shut down? A large number of friends rushed to the bottom of the camp to brush their comments. The SARFT recently issued a notice ordering today's headlines to permanently shut down low-quality audio-visual products such as "content segment". Is it very painful for many Duan friends? Why is the content segment shut down?

In recent days, the State Administration of radio, film and television inspecting the "headlines" website rectification work, found that the company's "connotation paragraph" client software and related public numbers have prominent problems such as poor guidance, low style and so on, which caused strong disgust among netizens.

In order to maintain the order of network audio-visual programs, and clear the Internet space audio-visual environment, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the General Administration yesterday ordered "today's headlines' permanent shutting down" connotations "client software" and "public number", and asked the company to draw inferences from other facts, and comprehensively clean up similar audio-visual program products.

In today's headlines, the company will permanently shut down its content, client software and public number, and apologize to the users and the public.

Why is the inner story sealed?

The official saying is that there exist some problems such as bad guidance, low style and so on in the client software and related public numbers. It is plain that the vulgar video is too much, so it has been sealed. Maybe there will not be a meaningful paragraph later. But today, the headlines should introduce new products, and they will definitely make corresponding measures against vulgar.

According to the public information, connotative segment was founded in 2012, and the operator is Beijing byte beat Technology Co., Ltd. The content section is located in the multi theme and multi genre social software including all kinds of short videos, brain hole God comments, pictures, scripts, essences, and funny entertainment communities. In the early days, due to the high overlap of user groups, the initial download volume of today's headlines was almost all from the content segment.

In 2017, the content segment has more than 200 million users, and the content segment has also derived Duan you, Duan you's secret code, the content segment car stickers and other 'Duan you culture'.

It seems that the former Duan friend has lost his position and sent a cool to the inner story.