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How many days does weaning usually take? What food can I eat to get back to milk quickly?

although we always advocate breastfeeding, babies can be weaned formally after they are more than one year old, because breast milk can no longer meet all kinds of nutrition needed for their growth. When weaning, both the body and mind are devastated. On the one hand, we should bear the pain of milking. On the other hand, the baby is very anxious a few days before weaning, and it is easy to get sick. So we must be firm-minded and keep a happy mood at this time. So what is the fastest way to get back to milk after weaning?

How many days does it take to return milk after weaning

Generally, the time of returning milk is between 7 days and half a month. It is suggested that mom should pay attention to observation and prevent mastitis. If the mother's breast continues to swell and ache, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time, and carry out treatment under the guidance of the doctor after the definite diagnosis. Pay attention to rest, local hot compress or apply with Glauber's salt bag, have the effect of detumescence and pain relief.

What is the fastest way for the parturient to return to milk after weaning

The diet should be light and not too greasy. Don't drink too much water or soup, especially chicken soup, fish soup and other hair milk foods. You can drink more barley tea, hawthorn and other foods, which can play a very good role in the back milk. Of course, there are many foods that can help the back milk, such as the following small list for you:

Return milk food: maltose, hawthorn, leek, pepper, bulk, monosodium glutamate, beans, ginseng, mushroom, eggplant, grapefruit, lotus root, fungus, chocolate, bamboo shoot, oatmeal, ham, stir fried malt, wheatcream (general raw MALT).

On the one hand, diet reincarnation is also helpful in other ways:

1. Mothers should reduce the number of times of breast-feeding from 3 times a day to 2 times and 1 time; if there is excess milk, it should be squeezed out, do not let the milk accumulate in the breast, it is correct to make the breast soft without swelling pain!

2. In the aspect of diet, we need to pay attention to: the diet should be light and not too greasy, do not drink too much water or soup, especially chicken soup, fish soup and other hair milk foods, and can eat more leek, hawthorn and other foods!

3. In dressing: after weaning, you need to wear some suitable or slightly close bra, which can inhibit the secretion of milk, but also reduce the pain of breast!

4. In the aspect of drug treatment, you can drink it with fried malt and fried water (50g, 3 times a day), apply Glauber's salt (wrapped in a small cloth bag and applied on the breast to avoid nipple and areola), or take vitamin B6, diethylstilbestrol, bromocriptine and other drugs, but you need to avoid physical discomfort according to the doctor's instructions;

5. If breast lump, local skin redness, fever and other symptoms appear in the weaning room, we should go to the hospital in time to avoid unnecessary trouble;

6. After weaning successfully, it is suggested that all mothers should take proper physical exercise and do more chest expanding exercises, which can make breasts recover elasticity quickly.