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Is Wu Xinhe, a drug hunter, a drug dealer? Why does wuxinhe deliberately approach Mengyao?

at present, the criminal investigation and anti drug drama "drug Hunter" continues to be popular on Oriental TV and Jiangsu TV. The total network broadcast has exceeded 700 million yuan. The intense plot and the strength of many actors have created the hot topic climax for many times. Recently, a new figure appeared, Wu Xinhe. Why does Wu Xinhe deliberately approach Mengyao? Is Wu Xinhe an undercover drug dealer?

Fu Chengpeng, who is eager to be seen by Peng fan, finally appears in the ninth episode. Wu Xinhe, played by Fu Chengpeng, is filial and elegant, full of gentlemanly style, like a touch of sunshine in winter, which warms people's hearts and brings a kind of irresistible gentleness.

The nurse who has been looking after Li Mei is afraid that he has problems, so she checks his identity and finds that there is no problem with his identity. But in fact, he is not a good man, but a drug lord. He deliberately approaches Li Mei and Mengyao to find out LV Yunfei.

In the media interview, when Fu Chengpeng talked about playing the role, he said: 'he plays a very interesting villain drug lord in the play. Although it's not convenient for him to disclose too much plot at present, he still hopes that everyone will pay more attention to the work of conscience and believe that when it's on air, it will not let the audience down. '

Most of Fu Chengpeng, who plays in front of people, challenges the absolute villain, not the ghost king in the big IP play, nor Deng Yuanda in the era play, but the big poison in a modern play, which is also highly expected.

Fu Chengpeng's promotion to chicken soup

In the latest plot, in addition to LV Yunpeng (Yu Hewei), an intelligent master, continuing to track scorpion for revenge, another not simple story line has been extended, that is, Wu Xinhe appears in the sanatorium of LV Yunfei (Wu Xiubo), wife CoCo Lee (Liu Weiwei). And when LV Yunpeng's niece Mengyao (Wang peiran) was the most helpless, she came to the rescue in time, comforted and encouraged Mengyao, and admonished Mengyao to know how to relax herself based on her own experience as a family member of the patient. In the play, Wu Xinhe not only warms her heart and hair, but also cuts apples and small pieces for Mengyao, and releases Chicken Soup for her spiritual comfort. 'a girl, don't put all the pressure on herself On one person. 'Mengyao's sense of helplessness and Wu Xinhe's considerate gentleman form positive and negative magnets, which quickly leave a good impression on each other.

Fu Chengpeng's voice is too magical

Wu Xinhe's appearance adds a little warm sunshine to the tense plot, just like tea time in the afternoon. Although Fu Chengpeng didn't appear for a long time in the ninth episode, it was enough for fans to fry for several days. Some netizens said, 'brother Peng is really good at peeling apples,' brother Peng's soothing voice is too magical, 'ask brother Peng for a bowl of chicken soup', etc. But is it fate or conspiracy that Wu Xinhe played by Fu Chengpeng appears in Mengyao's side in time? People can't help suspecting that it is full of imagination.