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What novel is it based on that evil does not suppress? Who is the author of the original work?

Recently, Jiang Wen's 2018 new film "evil does not oppress the right" (Xiayin) was announced to be on file, and Jiang Wen, Peng Yuyan, Liao Fan, Zhou Yun and Xu Qing all came on stage. When will the evil pressure be released? What story does the evil pressure story tell? Let's learn about it with the small edition of

'bullets have been flying for eight years, four years in a single step'. Jiang Wen's sixth work, which is also his trilogy of the Republic of China, ushered in the final chapter "evil does not oppress the right". The first trailer was officially released. In 15 seconds, five Jianghu girls, Jiang Wen, Peng Yuyan, Liao Fan, Zhou Yun and Xu Qing, appeared one after another.

When will it be released? It is reported that the party has officially set up a file for the summer vacation. In July this year, you can see Jiang Wen's new work, which has been far away for a long time.

It is reported that Jiang Wen's new film "evil does not crush the right" is adapted from Zhang Beihai's chivalrous novel of the same name, which is the final chapter of Jiang Wen's "Beiyang Trilogy" after "let bullets fly" and "one step away".

Zhang Beihai is a Taiwanese writer and uncle of Zhang Aijia. It is reported that Hou Xiaoxian is also invited to play a guest role in the film.

The story of evil does not oppress the right happened in 1936 in Peiping, with an extremely strong atmosphere of the ancient capital Hutong in the turbulent times. During the Beiyang Period, north of Beijing.

Li Ran, a young martial artist, witnessed his elder martial brother Zhu Qianlong conspiring with Japanese spy genichiro to kill the master's family. Li Ran narrowly escaped from the gun and was saved by American doctor Hendler.

After his recovery, Li went to aesthetic medicine for many years, and received special agent training at the same time.

At the beginning of 1937, Li was suddenly ordered to return to China.

The night before the July 7th incident, Peiping, the city of international spies, was a mixture of Chinese and foreign countries with numerous mountains.

"Evil does not oppress the right" is in hot release, and everyone has given this movie a great praise. We all know that the film is actually based on "Xiayin", and the author is Zhang Beihai. Many netizens may not be very familiar with Zhang Beihai, but in fact, Zhang Beihai is very famous, with a brilliant resume and a long history. So who is Zhang Beihai, the author of "evil does not oppress right"?

Introduction to Zhang Beihai

Zhang Beihai, whose real name is Zhang Wenyi and his ancestral home is Wutai, Shanxi Province, was born in Beijing in 1936. He went to Taiwan with his family in 1949, studied Chinese from Ye Jiaying, studied at Taiwan Normal University, and went to Los Angeles in 1962 for further study. He worked in the United Nations, retired from New York, and wrote along with him.

Since the 1970s, Zhang Beihai's home has become a must for New York Chinese to understand the city. Acheng, Chen Danqing, Zhang Dachun, Wang Anyi, Li An, Zhang Aijia, Luo Dayou, Li Zongsheng, Chen Sheng and others all know New York from his living room.

In the 1990s, after retiring from the United Nations, Zhang Beihai turned to make up Xiayin. In his six-year writing, Zhang Beihai referred to hundreds of Chinese and English works about old Beijing, which also cost a lot of human and financial resources.