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Who is Mao Xiaotong's mother? Why do Mao Xiaotong's parents get divorced?

Recently, Mao Xiaotong has been hotly debated because his father publicly asked his daughter Mao Xiaotong for 50 million yuan of alimony on the program. Mao Xiaotong has been given the title of an unfilial daughter by his father Li Chao. Many netizens are very sympathetic to Mao Xiaotong's encounter, comparable to the second Zhang Shaohan. It's really unfortunate to meet such a father.

Recently, because Mao Xiaotong's father disclosed that he had already divorced his mother in law eye counsel, it can be seen from this that Mao Xiaotong was indeed a single parent. When Mao Xiaotong was more than one year old, his mother divorced Mao Xiaotong's biological father and lived with him. It was only recently that Mao Xiaotong grew up in a single parent family.

Now, Mao Xiaotong, who graduated from Zhongxi opera, is on the rise, but at this time, Mao Xiaotong's father came out to step on it. On the program, Li ultrasonic, Mao Xiaotong's father, said that Mao Xiaotong was an unfilial daughter, and he had been abandoned by Mao Xiaotong. Therefore, the purpose of Mao Xiaotong to the program is to sue Mao Xiaotong, ask for 50 million alimony from Mao Xiaotong, and tell his daughter Mao Xiaotong to study, and he should be rewarded.

From the program, we can see that Mao Xiaotong's father is in a very special atmosphere. It is revealed that Mao Xiaotong is actually different from what you usually see. He is different from his predecessors. Li Chao, Mao Xiaotong's father, said frankly that he didn't give him a penny after he became popular at work. He didn't even give him a gift. He didn't even come out to meet him when he went to visit the shift. The reason is that they were noisy Contradictions.

Mao Xiaotong's father exposes that Mao Xiaotong abandoned

Guess from Mao Xiaotong's father's self disclosure of drug abuse and imprisonment history, netizens guess that Mao Xiaotong's father's visit is also bad intention. At present, a lot of online news has not obtained the stone hammer, but the people who broke the news of the program have learned that it is undoubtedly Mao Xiaotong's father. But so far, Mao Xiaotong has no voice on this matter, so the conflict between Mao Xiaotong and his father is still in the ferment.