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What happened to the beating of modern brother Liu Yuning? Liu Yuning revealed the reason for being

The modern brothers are very popular, especially the modern brother Liu Yuning. But recently, Liu Yuning has been beaten up. What's the matter? What's the reason for Liu Yuning's being beaten up is that he flirts with female fans, which leads to their boyfriends fighting. Is that true?

Modern brothers

It must be the modern brother who is the most popular recently. The modern brother has been on the microblog from time to time, especially Liu Yuning, who has gained a lot of fans by virtue of his beauty and talent. Now, no matter where the live broadcast is, there will be many fans following him. No matter how popular he is, some people try their best to dig the dark history of the modern brother Liu Yuning, but Liu Yuning is really Will there be a black history? What's the matter with Liu Yuning being beaten?

Modern brother Liu Yuning

As we all know, the modern brothers are broadcasting live outdoors. It is said that the beaten event happened during the outdoor live broadcast. At that time, Liu Yuning, the lead singer, sang a song "cool" with a female fan. The female fans and Liu yunning sang a very tacit agreement. You sang a sentence and I sang a sentence with a considerable investment. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the singing, the boyfriend of the female fan suddenly appeared I encouraged her to continue singing for my girlfriend and boyfriend, but I didn't expect that an amazing scene happened.

Modern brother Liu Yuning's side face

As soon as the girl's boyfriend came over, he fell off Mai directly, even grabbed Li's neck, pulled him away from the video, pushed Liu constantly, and then got away with the help of others. This is the case of Liu yunning being beaten. Many people think that Liu yunning was attacked by his boyfriend because he flirted with his younger sister by singing. But do you believe it is true when you look at the whole case of Liu yunning being beaten? Liu also responded to this, saying that he did not have any intimate action with any of his female fans, and I was beaten without knowing what happened Very innocent.