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How does greedy cup milk tea cause cholecystitis to return a responsibility? It's horrible that milk

Do you like pearl milk tea? Pearl milk tea has always been a popular fashion drink. Many people like to chew the 'Pearl' Q, which is waxy and slippery. But if they drink too much, there will be problems. Recently, the hospital received a high school student suffering from acute cholecystitis because of drinking pearl milk tea. Come and have a look.

The doctor immediately made a CT examination of the boy's abdomen. The CT film surprised the doctor. From the film, we can see that there are a lot of small round white dots in the boy's stomach, about thirty or forty of them. Moreover, the boy's stomach has been dilated, and the gallbladder can be obviously enlarged. The boy said that he ate a lot of snacks that day, including two cups of pearl milk tea. The doctor determined that the round and indigestible objects were the pearls in the pearl milk tea.

Fortunately, the boy went to see a doctor in time. After treatment, the symptoms were soon relieved. Doctors told reporters that before, they also received many patients with cholecystitis due to eating foods that are not easy to digest, such as yuanxiao, zongzi, etc., but these foods are generally not developed on CT films. This time, the 'Pearl' in pearl milk tea is so obvious, which shows that it is very difficult to digest.

Food experts said that the "Pearl" in pearl milk tea is mainly made of cassava powder, glutinous rice powder and other materials. However, in order to make the taste of "Pearl" more elastic and chewy, some businesses will also add some gum materials in the production process, which also makes "Pearl" difficult to digest. Therefore, it is suggested that people with poor gastrointestinal function should eat less or not, and try to chew it up before swallowing.