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I am not God of medicine Douban score is how much? I'm not Yao Shen

This afternoon, directed by Wen Muye and starred by Xu Zheng and Wang Chuanjun, the rating of the real theme movie "I am not the God of medicine" in Douban finally ushered in the lifting of the ban. At the beginning of the game, history was created! Douban praised this movie like a wave, which is definitely one of the rare good-looking movies in recent years. So what story does this movie mainly tell? Let's get to know.

"I'm not the God of medicine" scores up to 9.0!

I believe that friends who are familiar with Douban scoring structure should know what 9.0 stands for & hellip;

At present, among all the domestic films, only five films with Douban score over 9.0 are "Farewell My Concubine" (9.5), "Dahua journey to the west to marry the great sage" (9.2), "Infernal Affairs" (9.1), "ghosts come" (9.2), "food and drink men and women" (9.1)!

If "I'm not the God of medicine" can still maintain such a rating level after its large-scale release on Friday, it is obvious that it will be a movie that will be recorded in the history of domestic films.

Brief introduction to the film "I am not the God of medicine"

The unexpected visit of an unexpected guest broke the ordinary life of Cheng Yong, the owner of Shenyou store. He became an exclusive agent of India's generics' Lenin 'from a male health care vendor who could not pay the rent.

With huge profits, his life changed dramatically, and he was named "drug God" by the patients. However, a tug of war on redemption is also slowly unfolding in the waves

Cheng Yong (Xu Zheng), a chronic myeloid leukemia patient, brought the generic veenat of the priceless drug (Gleevec) back from India for self-help, and sold it privately, causing police investigation.

During this period, with the help and guidance of Dr. Shuman, Cheng Yong went from selfishness to selflessness, fought for the right to survival of patients, and finally surrendered himself to the case, winning dignity. The fate of many characters was also connected by the element of "medicine", which demonstrated a new grass-roots living beings.

The film I am not the God of medicine will be released nationwide on July 6. This sincere work, which satirizes reality with black humor and creates social heroes, will become the work that is expected this summer.