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Rocket girl's reward distribution proportion announced that Wu Xuanyi's reward is not enough to buy

Rocket girl 101 Meng Mei Qi, Wu Xuanyi, Yang Chaoyue and so on all member remuneration proportion exposures: the brokerage company and Tencent's reward assignment 3:7, finally how many must have looked at the original agreement, may say that the majority of money companies have taken away, some netizens even Tucao one endorsement has not Wu Xuan kit, a bag is expensive, how do you see? ​

For example, a spokesperson's income is assumed to be 11 million yuan, 3.3 million yuan can be obtained from a brokerage company in a ratio of 3:7, and the remuneration received by each member from the brokerage company is about 60000 to 150000 yuan.

Wu Xuanyi is known as "Hainan rich woman". Almost all of her private clothes are famous brands. A pair of socks alone costs NT $7548.

Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports that "rocket girl 101" started with the program "creation 101". Previously, the official revealed that it was the performance activities that were going on. Many netizens were looking forward to the development of the group in the past two years. At the same time, they were curious about how much money the group members could really get.

"Create 101" is a support club formed by fans from the beginning of the program. The blogger recently revealed that he had seen the original contract signed by the official and members. Therefore, when there was a lot of discussion about "wage sharing" on the Internet, netizens jumped out to explain.

The net friend said that the group has a base salary, but the amount is not high. The remuneration distribution of each member's original brokerage company and Tencent is 3:7. How much each member can finally get depends on the original contract with the brokerage company. For example, a spokesperson assumes the income of 11 million yuan (the same currency), 30% of which is 3.3 million yuan. The group has 11 members, each member's brokerage company The company received about 300000 yuan, and the final members received about 60000 to 150000 yuan from the brokerage company.

After seeing the way of reward distribution, many fans love that the money that idols can get is too little. Some even joked that Wu Xuanyi, who is always famous in private photos, doesn't get enough money to buy a bag. However, he didn't think so about "creating 101 aid agency". The netizen thought: "if there is no 101 program, many girls actually have a miserable life. '

In the first episode of the program, many contestants said that they cried a lot. Although they didn't really get much money after their debut, in the long run, at least with the support of Tencent and rocket girl brands, they will definitely get the attention of the public. People's morale will be converted into real income, at least so that the women's League won't have to be as difficult as in the past.