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Spain are out of the world cup in 2018 and Russia is in the top 8 of the world cup

Spain beat Spain 5-4 out of Russia. So far, there is no doubt that Russia will make it to the top 8 of the world cup. This year's reversal of the world cup is too dramatic and surprising. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

At 22 o'clock on July 1, Beijing time, the World Cup final 1 / 8 was held in Luzhniki Stadium. Spain played host Russia, and Spain was out. In the first half, Ramos grabbed the goal and ignashevich scored the goal, pique sent the point and Zuba shot to equalize the score; in the second half, aginfiev saved Iniesta's threatening shot. Within 90 minutes, Spain and Russia drew 1-1 and both sides entered the overtime.

However, in extra time, both sides did not score goals, which led to the penalty war. Finally, the host Russia eliminated Spain in five rounds of penalty war with the help of two penalties saved by goalkeeper akinfiev!

To be honest, Spain didn't play very well this game. Of course, Spain has a high ball control rate and a lot of passes, but most of the Spanish passes are outside the Russian restricted area, and the threat to the Russian goal is not so much! Of course, if a player is used to the fast-paced play of the Premier League or Bundesliga, then the game played by Spain and Russia in his mind is not high, because This game is really not the passion of football!

We look back at Russia. In the face of powerful Russia, they are able to keep their defense line watertight, which makes the opponent basically unable to find the space for attack. Of course, it has to do with Spain's play, because Spain didn't form a strong impact on Russia's defense line in 90 minutes in the whole game, unlike Uruguay, which was given to Russia in the first place The defense created a strong impact, but also 3-0 win over Russia, so that Spain's play really need to reflect on!