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How does baby learn to walk on tiptoe to return a responsibility? Why does baby love tiptoe when lea

It's a big problem for babies to learn to walk. Generally speaking, when they start to learn to walk, they will try to walk with their toes. When they are more than one year old, they will start to learn to walk slowly by themselves. However, many babies will appear tiptoe phenomenon when they start to learn to walk. Do you know why? What's the matter with babies learning to walk tiptoe?

How does baby learn to walk on tiptoe?

Recently, Baoma left a message in the background: 'Baobao is one year old and three months old. At the beginning of learning to walk, he was still very normal, but recently he was found to be on tiptoe. Do you want to take him to the hospital for examination? I'm worried!'

One year old children learn to walk this phenomenon, generally normal, is the stage of growth and development.

At this time, the baby just learned to walk, the center of gravity is not stable, so the body is leaning forward, the calf muscles are also tense, the coordination of the body is not enough, the different ground has not been adapted, the lack of touch, resulting in the tiptoe walking.

In addition, it may also be the cause of tactile hypersensitivity. He wants to reduce the contact area between his feet and the ground. For example, when he suddenly steps on the cold floor, the baby will step on the tip of his feet. With growth and development, tiptoe walking will gradually disappear.

If the baby's long-term toe landing does not subside, and accompanied by sports development backward, hearing is not obvious or there are some other abnormal postures, we should be careful to prevent the existence of a certain degree of brain damage or brain development abnormalities, which belongs to pathological toe, should be paid attention to.

1、 How to correct baby's tiptoe

In most cases, the baby's tiptoe walking is normal development, but it may also be affected by some external factors, such as improper shoes, uncomfortable socks, or the baby's wrong habit of walking, which needs to be corrected.

Farewell to the walker

Some babies not only walk with their toes at the learning stage, but also walk in an incorrect posture when they grow up. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the fact that babies learn to walk, try to use less walkers and don't use them for a long time. Generally farewell to the walker, the baby will no longer walk on foot.

Choose the right shoes

Some babies may walk like this because of the problem of shoes, so it is also important to choose the right shoes for the toddlers. It's better to choose shoes that are easy to bend the forefoot, which is good for starting and cultivating correct walking posture.

Exercise walking barefoot

When the baby is at home, he can walk barefoot on the board or soft carpet with TA, increase his touch and grip, and cultivate his balance. However, it is important to keep the floor clean. You can also exercise the baby's ability to walk on the slope, which is conducive to the exercise of calf muscles.

2、 How to train baby to walk

Sit up slowly

Often lying on the baby faster to learn to climb, sit and walk, has not yet learned to climb stage can let the baby more prone. In addition, if the baby is lying on the bed, you can gently pull him up and sit (like doing sit ups), which can exercise the neck muscles, as well as the muscles of the upper half of the body. (not too hard)

Roll on the bed

Put the baby in the middle of the bed, accompany him, encourage him and make him roll more in the bed, which can also train the baby's muscles and make him more powerful. Play more games with him to make him get used to the feeling of hands and feet moving.

Leg kick

Hold the baby's armpit with both hands, lift the baby, let him do kicking and bouncing movements, and practice the baby's leg stretching ability.

Climb up and climb

When the baby can stand, he can be trained to walk simply. Put some baby's favorite toys on the sofa or coffee table as high as him, and encourage him to stand up.

Practice standing free

Just learn to walk baby will be afraid to let go standing, mom and dad can use some of his favorite toys to guide him, and then unconsciously let go. (pay attention to safety protection)

Walking training

Toddlers often walk slowly by supporting walls, sofas, tea tables, cots, strollers, chairs, etc. parents can follow the baby and watch him walk; they can also help him walk by supporting his arms, and then make a slow transition until he can walk with one hand.

More training for baby walking

When the baby is interested in walking, don't hold him often. Let him try more. At the beginning, you can squat in front of the baby and guide it with toys. When the baby comes, you can step back a little. When you are more proficient in walking, you can squat in the front and back directions of the baby and guide it with his favorite toys and walk back and forth. Give comfort when your baby falls down!

All in all, baby learn to walk, must not be too hasty. It's a normal phenomenon to walk on tiptoe during the period of learning. Parents observe carefully. As long as there is no other abnormality, the baby will soon learn to walk!