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Sunscreen sunscreen spray advantages and disadvantages of sunscreen sunscreen spray which sunscreen

Summer sunscreen work is the top priority of many younger sister paper. If the delicate skin is exposed outside, it will easily be burned. So sunscreen is essential. So do you like to use sunscreen spray or sunscreen in summer?

Which is better sunscreen and sunscreen?

1. To simply talk about the effect, sunscreen is better. If you don't want to be tanned when traveling, you should choose sunscreen. In contrast, sunscreen spray will be less effective, but only in comparison. And the amount of Sunscreen Spray is relatively large. First, spray the spray on your hands and then pat it on the face.

2, the effect of Sunscreen Spray and sunscreen is the same. Both of them protect and isolate the skin. But only the spray skin is best for oily skin in the summer, because although sunscreen cream will be better, it will be heavier and sticky.

3. If you travel, the sunscreen will be thinner. You'd better use sunscreen in the morning and take a bottle of sunscreen with you to make up at any time.

The advantages of Sunscreen Spray are the advantages of Sunscreen Spray: easy to apply.

Sunscreen Spray is different from the thick and sticky texture of sunscreen. Sunscreen Spray is a very fine spray, and it is also very shallow bubble shape on the skin. Most of the texture is relatively cool. Smearing will not be as easy as sunscreen to leave white marks and so on.

Advantages of Sunscreen Spray: suitable for coating

It is a very troublesome thing to apply sunscreen. Usually we need to clean our faces and then apply sunscreen. It's really time-consuming and laborious to clap it evenly by hand and then wait for it to form a film. And Sunscreen Spray just needs to be sprayed onto the skin. OK is slightly patted with a hand. No sunscreen at all.

Advantages of Sunscreen Spray: after makeup, it will not wear makeup.

When it comes to Sunscreen Spray, the biggest advantage is that after make-up, sunscreen spray will not make the makeup look. Many girls don't know how to apply sunscreen after making up. It's troublesome to apply sunscreen after removing makeup. If you don't remove makeup and apply sunscreen, you will make up again. At this time, sunscreen is coming to save us. Even after make-up, sunscreen spray will not make up.

The shortcomings of Sunscreen Spray: the lack of sun protection.

Sunscreen Spray also has a fatal disadvantage: sunscreen is much weaker than sunscreen. Maybe it is because the sun spray is just rising, and the quality of technology is not enough. Considering the use of Sunscreen Spray, the natural sunscreen ability will be compromised. So that's why many people feel that sunscreen spray is weak in sunscreen.

Disadvantages of Sunscreen Spray: can not pass security check

Sunscreen Spray also has a big weakness, that is, it can not pass security check. No matter train, high-speed rail or airplane, the Sunscreen Spray of filling is not able to pass security check. So we can't carry Sunscreen Spray when we use these vehicles.

Disadvantages of Sunscreen Spray: too much charge

One thing has both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest drawback of Sunscreen Spray is that the dosage is too expensive. Many people are on average about a week, and the sunscreen spray is running out. It seems that it also has the appearance of about 60g, but compared with the same weight of sunscreen, the absolute Sunscreen Spray should be used up much earlier than that of sunscreen.