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How to determine whether the mask contains fluorescent agents? What are the hazards of fluorescent m

Since last year's mask was inspected in large quantities and contains hormones and heavy metals, the girls who bought the mask have become very cautious. Do you know how to detect whether there are fluorescent agents in the mask?

Why do we need fluorescent agents in facial mask?

Mask and fluorescent agent are designed to achieve the effect of beautifying and whitening. According to the media reports, it's not only "white as soon as you paste it", but also when you stick it, your hands will light up. Under the UV light, you will feel white under the white light.

2、 Harm of fluorescent agent to human body

According to the doctor, the synthetic fluorescent agent has certain harm to human body, and is easy to migrate to the cuticle and blood. If you touch the skin for a long time, it is easy to stimulate the epidermis, pore absorption, and enter the human body through blood circulation. Because the liver cannot metabolize, more and more toxins may cause hepatitis, or cirrhosis, liver cancer.

Fluorescent agents are not easy to be decomposed like ordinary chemicals, but accumulate in the human body, produce many harmful effects, greatly reduce human immunity; the combination of fluorescent agents and proteins outside the wound will also hinder the healing of the wound, fluorescent agents can make human cells have a tendency of variation, make its toxicity accumulate in the liver or other important organs, and become a potential carcinogen, In addition, chemical substances are easy to pollute human blood. Although blood has a certain self purification ability, a small amount of harmful substances will be diluted, decomposed, absorbed and discharged into it, but a large number of toxic substances poured in for a long time will cause the change of hair quality, enter the blood circulation, destroy the red blood cell membrane, and cause hemolysis.

The four way is to identify the mask.

1, whether there is a fluorescent agent: eyes make good, turn off the lights directly, in the dark to see the color discrimination, with excess phosphor mask will appear green or blue light; check lights are more convenient, use them to illuminate, to see whether it is emitting blue fluorescence.

2. Whether it contains heavy metals:

Find a new dime coin, and use the facade of the coin to draw back and forth on the mask. If there is no change, you can preliminarily explain that it does not contain lead and mercury. If it turns black, it shows that the deeper the color, the higher the amount of lead and mercury.

3. Hormone:

The simplest judgment is: the effect is very fast, but it is worse than not after being stopped. If you use other brands of cosmetics, you will have allergic redness. It's up to us to think about whether hormones are acting up.

4. Antioxidant:

A drop of iodine will tell. Drop a drop of iodine on the mask. If the iodine wine is faded or even become transparent, the oxidation resistance of the mask is pretty good. On the contrary, put on a bad fork.

How to clean the skin with fluorescent agent

The common fluorescent agent is mainly water-soluble. It can be washed repeatedly with clear water and detergent. After washing, it is necessary to check whether there is fluorescence phenomenon in time, until there is no fluorescence, it means that the washing is clean. Remember yo, must clean more, don't worry about trouble, but it can't be cleaned once!