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Did you shake your voice gently? Comparison before and after gentle plastic surgery

Recently, the jitter is very popular. It has become almost a popular software. It is also a gateway for netizens to open up the new world. Many small sisters with special talents are red overnight, but before they are very loud, they are blocked when they are red. But what is it? Down trend.

Gentle face lifting was first revealed, but in fact, it is also a common phenomenon. After all, there are not many people doing face lifting now. It is also a matter of personal freedom, and there is nothing to criticize. However, after that, a series of very negative news has been revealed, such as showing off the rich all the time, and constantly uploading some content such as jumping and hooking up with the second generation of the rich, which is very inconsistent It's standard, so it leads to the end of being banned.

Wen is also the first net red to be blocked by the official account of the trembling voice. When faced with such an outcome in the most heated time, it must be very mild before the infinite death. In fact, when it was red, it did not take the unusual road at that time. It was also expected by many people that the trembling sound is getting bigger and bigger now. In order to avoid some negative effects, such a host is affected. The outcome of the ban is also very inevitable.

However, recently, Wen Wan reappeared in the Jianghu and reappeared in front of everyone. We can see that her condition is still very good and her smile is very sweet. It seems that she has not been greatly affected. Even a new work has been released, which is very surprising.

Her fans are still strong. They are very excited and looking forward to her return. Many people say that Wenwan seems to be coming back from the Jianghu and creating a new brilliance. But in fact, it seems to be her farewell work. After all, although the account is back to normal, she is no longer the same as before. In addition, her account also shows the status of remaking, and Wen Wan has changed her nickname.

This new nickname is very thought-provoking. For "thank you for coming," it seems that gentle is also a way to say goodbye to your fans and say goodbye to your vibrant account. In fact, even if it's back to normal, it's impossible for Wen Wan to return to the original grand occasion. After all, her every move is closely watched by everyone, and the official platform is no longer so open to her, so it's not impossible to be blocked again. Leaving seems to be the best choice.

But in the process of live broadcast, netizens said that there were all kinds of things, both supported and opposed, and too many people left a message below saying that they could not forget the so-called garage incident. In the latest information, the gentle voice accounts become two points, and I do not know what they want to express.

In fact, it's not hard to see from the gentle events. Although the money of netred is easy to earn, it's still very possible to be cool. It seems that it's not easy to be a netred. If you don't pay attention, you'll lose all your achievements.