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Who is the voice of the little sister?

Jitter is a little sister, who is a little sister who has been very angry recently. She has been paying attention to many of her younger brothers and sisters in singing the flower bridge and running water. Everyone is asking who is this little jitter.

Who is the little jitter?

Trembling nickname: exclusive little lovable

Jitter number: V78208

At first, the girl also took pictures with others. She didn't plan to produce such a video. Then someone commented that if she could send a single video to take pictures together, she would get angry unexpectedly, and many other girls would imitate her, but she didn't look good. Because she holds a watermelon fan in the video, and also gets cute nicknames such as watermelon sister, watermelon fan little sister, and coquettish watermelon mountain. Now, as long as the co shooting video about the "flower bridge and water flow", she can be seen.

It can be seen from the video that it looks like a small jasper. It's especially liked. The hair is tied up very cleverly. If you want to play together, go to the chatter and search her nickname to enter the video detail page, then select the right bottom corner sharing function to make a co production.