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2018 World Cup South Korea vs Mexico score forecast who is stronger in South Korea and Mexico?

The world cup is going on in full swing. For fans, every game is full of expectations. Which two teams will play today? At 23:00 p.m. Beijing time on June 23, 2018, group F of the world cup will have the second round of competition. Mexico vs. South Korea will have a duel in the Rostov Arena.

In the first round, Mexico beat the former world champion Germany to take three points, while South Korea lost to Sweden. Mexico's morale is booming. Whether South Korea can resist and achieve the desired result depends on the war tonight.

Nature of competition: the second round of group F of 2018 World Cup group match

Competition time: 23:00, June 23, Beijing time

Venue: Rostov Arena

Live address: 5/

South Korea vs Mexico

The two teams have fought seven times in history, Mexico 3-1, 3-3 and South Korea, scoring 12 goals and losing 8 goals. The two teams have fought one time in the history of the world cup, Mexico defeated South Korea 3-1 in the 1998 France World Cup group match. The two teams have played one match in the history of the Confederations Cup. Mexico lost 1-2 to South Korea in the 2001 Confederations Cup group match. The two teams have played eight games in the history of the friendship match, with Mexico taking the advantage of 5-1-2, scoring 17 goals and losing 7 goals.

Score forecast:

The biggest surprise of the 2018 World Cup is that Germany, the defending champion of the last year, suffered a 0-1 defeat to Mexico. It can be seen that Mexico's strength cannot be underestimated. This time, it's also very easy to believe that South Korea, the relatively weak team in the war, will be defeated by Mexico.

Analysis of South Korea team in 2018 World Cup

Objectively speaking, in Asia, South Korea is proud. South Korea, known as the "Asian tiger", is the most Asian team to reach the World Cup finals so far. Including the 2014 World Cup, South Korea has reached the World Cup finals nine times!

In the world cup of Japan and South Korea in 2002, South Korea made Spain and Italy one after another, and then made it into the top four. Then fans all over the world scoffed at it! But objectively, the strength of South Korea in that world cup was really good.

South Korea is in Group f this world cup. Let's look at other members of group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden.

I don't know if the South Korean team is shocked to see this group. Compared with neighboring Japan, South Korea can only look up to the sky and sigh.

However, South Korea has always paid special attention to the overall fighting spirit and the whole field pressing tactical characteristics. As long as this spirit is there, it may reap unexpected results.

Analysis of Mexico in 2018 World Cup

As a traditional strong team in central and North America, Mexico has been playing a very important role in the world cup. In the land that made the oldest civilization in the American continent, the descendants of Indians brought the nature of bravery and war to the Greenfield. Like the cactus in the desert, it's ugly but tough. In the case of physical fitness and technical and tactical differences with the strong teams in Europe and the United States, Mexico has its own style of football to take the lead in the world football.

Under the leadership of Osorio, the Mexican team has a smooth turnover of talents and a reasonable staff structure. There are not only young talents who have participated for the first time, but also veteran players who have participated for four times in a row. There are still some hidden dangers in the defensive end, and the control of the midfield is a little inadequate.

But the attacking end is flexible. Once the play is smooth, Mexico's attack can be overwhelming. In Russia on the other side of the ocean this summer, Mexicans who have fallen to the top 16 in six consecutive competitions will have an impact on their fate.

Germany fought against South Korea. In view of the fact that Germany may have advanced after the two games, and South Korea may also be out early, both sides of the game are not interested in the game, especially Germany, because even if they lose the game, they can still advance to the top 16 in the group, after all, there are too many net goals than Sweden and Mexico.

[Mexico 1-0, South Korea win]