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How does the jitter Committee come in? Summary of answers to questions from jitter Committee

The vibrato self disciplined committee is a new function specially designed for publishing works and commentaries of civilization. If you want to become a member of the self-discipline Committee, you have to pass a rigorous examination. Do you know what the violating and self disciplined committees violate the rules?

What are the community irregularities of the jitter committee?

It is strictly prohibited to embezzle or copy other people's works, or infringe upon other people's rights and interests;

It is strictly prohibited to issue garbage advertisements;

It is strictly prohibited to wash, praise and powder;

All illegal, political, pornographic, bloody or sensitive contents are strictly prohibited;

It is strictly prohibited to slander or harass the author and publish improper content;

It is strictly prohibited to encourage or incite people to commit self mutilation;

Strictly forbid the contents of feudal superstition and strictly control the folk bad habits (such as catching traitors and making trouble in marriage);

It is strictly prohibited to make serious threats to the public or personal safety;

Incitement to violence or attacks based on people's race, nationality, region, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability or disease are strictly prohibited

The voice and self-discipline Commission examines the complete answer.

1. Which videos have adverse effects and should be reported? ABC select all

2. Which of the following videos are strictly prohibited by the platform? Ab

3. Which of the following videos should be reported? A dangerous behavior C moving and stealing video infringing others

4. Which of the following video content belongs to the need to report when making and selling fake? A sells high imitation, C self-made lipstick tutorial is suspected of sales, D title is XX's generation gap

5. Which of the following are dangerous behaviors? B racing, C suspected of endangering others' physical and mental health, D walking on the unprotected roof

6. Which of the following are suspected of violating laws and regulations? A. place objects outside the car to prevent the driver's vision, C. pick up the car logo, D. incite to affect public security, etc

7. Which of the following videos affect the physical and mental health of minors and need to be reported? A minors driving motor vehicles, B minors smoking, D audio that may mislead the values of minors

8. Which of the following behaviors belong to cheating the public and should be reported? A private letter receives the information of helping Shuan Zan and Shuan powder; B publishes the treatment and weight loss prescription without scientific basis; D private letter receives the link of unknown website

9. Which kind of users will be recycled? A report success rate is less than 60%, C involves platform violations