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What are the obstacles in the world cup? What do you mean by the world cup?

What are the obstacles of the world cup? Many netizens don't know what the meaning of the world cup is. It's during the world cup, so for those football fans, it's important to be calm when watching the ball.

What are the obstacles in the world cup?

The theme of yesterday's game is to kill three times in three games, which has brought down many fans who are ready to go to the rooftop, but also many fans who are ready to receive rice, which is really very dramatic.

If yesterday was the night of the shoot out, today is the night of the penalty. Let's take a look at today's penalties.

The French superstars didn't seem to find the pace of the game. They won the game only by grizman's penalty and borgba's luck. There were two penalties in the game, one on the French side and one on the Australian side. In the 54th minute, grid was put in the penalty area. He made a steady penalty, but seven minutes later, Australia's free kick was hoisted into the penalty area, but umditi magically wanted to hold the ball with his hand, and the Australian also made a steady penalty.

It has to be said that France's penalty is the first VR penalty in the history of the world cup, which avoids the repetition of the 'Lampard gate line mystery'.


It was during the 2014 Brazil world cup that when the gambling was lost and the amount was relatively large, I couldn't bear such a big blow in my heart, so I went to the rooftop to prepare for the free falling sport (i.e. jumping). "Tiantaijian" is actually a joking way of saying that fans who say "tiantaijian" don't necessarily jump from the building, but it's a kind of appeasing but helpless performance for their own lost gambling.

A few years ago, there was a news like the world cup. I don't know if there was this one?

I think proper spinach is good. Few people in suoha get rich by it. Even if they get rich a lot, they still lose money. They should be able to control.

I don 't have much to say. By the way, I predict tonight' s game.

There is no doubt that Argentina is superior to Iceland in terms of overall strength. However, Iceland is a famous black horse. England was eliminated in the European Cup. This time, it entered the world cup again. There is still a chance to win if it is mad. Moreover, Iceland's defense is very brown sugar, and it will attack and fight back if it is immovable. In case of this defensive attack, Argentina will find a flaw You may lose your horse.

In addition, the new Argentinean coach will play Messi if he doesn't take office. Once Messi is in a bad state, it's a surprise.