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Can I drink Huoxiang Zhengqi water and get drunk? Which foods are easy to be checked and drunk?

In recent days, the news of "litchi eating a drink driving, eating three drunk driving" has spread on the Internet. Some netizens said that eating yolk pie, raisins and drinking Huoxiang Zhengqi water would also cause drunk driving. Is this true? Follow Xiaobian to have a look. Listen to the police uncle.

On June 3, the traffic control bureau of the provincial public security department prompted through the wechat public platform that after eating litchi, yolk pie and drinking Huoxiang Zhengqi water, alcohol driving will be detected immediately, but it will return to normal in a short time. After eating these things, don't panic when meeting the traffic police detection. It can explain the situation, take a rest and then detect.

For the questions of netizens, the traffic police department tested litchi, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, yolk pie and raisins on the Internet. Take 3 litchi in a row, and use alcohol detector to test immediately. The result is 89mg / 100mL, indicating drunk state. However, after 30 seconds, the test value dropped to 9mg / 100mL, and after another ten seconds, the test result showed that it was 0mg / 100ml. After the litchi test, the tester rinsed, and after 10 minutes, under the premise of ensuring the alcohol content of 0 mg / 100 ml in the body, the Huoxiang Zhengqi water was tested. The content of each test piece of Huoxiang Zhengqi water is 10ml, and the recommended dosage is' 5ml-10ml once, twice a day '. After drinking the amount of 10ml, the test result is 117mg / 100ml immediately, which reaches the drunk driving standard, which is relatively high in the normal alcohol driving test; after 5 minutes, the test result does not drop but rises, which reaches 154mg / 100ml; after another 5 minutes, the test value recovers To the normal range. The yolk pie used for the test is a common brand on the market. One is 23g, and two are used for the test. The alcohol content of the test subjects was 0 mg / 100 ml. after eating an egg yolk pie, the results were as high as 179 mg / 100 ml, higher than that of Huoxiang Zhengqi water. Five minutes later, however, the test value dropped to zero. Finally, the raisins were tested. Take a small handful of test first, the result shows that it is 0mg / 100mL, then take a large handful of test, the result is still 0mg / 100mL, which shows that the body has not been found to contain alcohol. According to the test results, after eating litchi and yolk pie and drinking Huoxiang Zhengqi water, the alcohol content in the body will indeed reach the standard of drunk driving or drunk driving. However, it usually returns to normal in a few minutes.

After eating the above food and driving, will the traffic police check it as drunk driving? The police of the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department introduced that this kind of situation has not been encountered during the inspection of drunk driving. If you really just eat these food and just encounter the traffic police checking drunk driving, just explain the situation, take a rest and then carry out the inspection. At the same time, the driver should not drink alcohol before driving, but also pay attention to whether the food or drink contains alcohol. If there is a misunderstanding in law enforcement, it can be explained to the police. In addition, if the driver disagrees with the result of breath alcohol test, it can be identified by blood sampling, so there is no need to panic.