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Did Feng Timo return the gift according to law?

​ &; &; recently, the news about Feng Timo and the accountant's reward is widely spread in the live broadcasting circle. Many people are very curious about whether Feng Timo has returned the reward money, which has aroused hot discussion among netizens.

With the development of the event, another female anchor involved in the event recently published a statement, saying that CCTV reported that the hotel in Shanghai in the evening of 10 case never met, and that the accountant gave his 1.3 million gifts back to his parents. After carrying the pot for so long, she didn't want to carry it anymore, just wanted to be an ordinary person.

In May last year, Feng Timo, one of the hosts involved, responded: "I met Wang at an offline anchor party. Many of you think that the female anchor is very casual, right? It's not as messy as you think.".

To this end, Feng Timo said that he hoped the law enforcement department would contact her and return the gift according to law, and he also said: 'you can rest assured that you are not afraid of shadow skewing. ​​​​