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A day ago, Hu's girlfriend, Ying Yi, exposed the recorded audio, and Hu's design collapsed completel

In recent days, Hu Yitian got a headache from this girl. Originally, it was just a simple 'night gate'. Now, it has become an irremediable collapse of human facilities. Before that, the net exposed the mysterious woman at the night meeting of Hu Yitian hotel for more than 2 hours, and the net friend also exposed a surveillance video. And then also exposed a group of audio, it seems that Hu Yitian's human equipment will collapse completely.

​: when the Internet broke out, the media called Hu Yifang's staff, who said they didn't know about it at all, and then hung up. With the video exposure of the chat record, the chat record shows that the two met many times and in the same room. &#Hu Yitian's studio is obviously guilty and dare not send a statement or a lawyer's letter. He can only spend money to delete the post.

​ after the incident was exposed, a netizen picked out that the woman was Wang Hong, a model named Zheng. There is no difference between face type and other net red. The body is hot. No wonder Hu Yitian likes it. In fact, Hu Yitian likes net red face before he starts his career. The following is his ex girlfriend. In the long run, Hu Yitian's ex girlfriend once asked him to get back together after becoming popular, but Hu Yitian thought she was very upset. In the recording exposed today, Hu also diss his ex girlfriend.

&#Hu Yitian was also dug out of the emotional news a day ago. He confessed that his first love was at the age of 18. He was born in 1993 and has talked about six relationships, but he is currently single. When Hu Yitian became popular, his ex girlfriend was also revealed. It's said that Qiao Xuan, a student from Zhejiang University of economics and technology, was the one. As for whether it was true, the party never responded. ​

&#He posted a micro blog yesterday, denying that he and Hu Yitian YP, and also posted a chat record with Hu Yitian, because many of Hu Yitian's fans abused him by private letters, and she also complained to Hu. It can be seen that the two quarreled. Hu thought that he deliberately hyped their affairs for the sake of fire. He denied that it was his friend's microblog, not his own.

​ but Hu Yitian didn't believe it. In order to protect his personal settings, he decisively deleted yingyiying, which led to yingyiying's counterattack. She released the recording of Hu Yitian's conversation with Hu Yitian on her microblog. All of a sudden, it was a real hit! In the conversation, Hu Yitian not only disproved Hu Yue, but also satirized his parents: fans. Hu Yitian said that Xiaomei wanted to play with Shen Yue because most girls are so easy to bring in. (secretly stabbing refers to Shen Yue's unsightness); when it comes to DP Hu Yitian, he says he wants to have a try; when it comes to ex girlfriend's obsession with himself; he thinks fans are bored and doesn't want to answer fans! This human setup is about to collapse completely & hellip; & hellip;

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