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What's the matter with Hu Yitian's night meeting? Hu Yitian's photo and personal information

Last night, when little red meat Hu was revealed by netizens one day, it was suspected that a girl in red would be in the night when she was filming in Hengdian. A large number of melon eaters came here. I believe many netizens are very curious about Hu Yitian's girlfriend. Let's follow Xiaobian to get to know.

After the video came out, Hu Yitian quickly boarded the microblog hot search, but in the face of a real hammer with a picture and a truth, Hu Yitian's team didn't send a lawyer's letter to clarify, on the contrary, the microblog hot search and the explosive post were deleted.

But many netizens also keep the evidence. All kinds of gossip and online discussion make netizens enjoy it. But is this girl really?

According to the post of the informant, the woman entered the hotel on the evening of April 21 wearing a red dress. More than two hours later, Hu Yitian and his assistant also entered the hotel. At 23:30, the assistant took Hu Yitian away and the whole thing ended.

Of course, many people think that the fuzzy information on the video can prove that it is Hu Yitian himself? In fact, although the person who is suspected of Hu Yitian is wrapped tightly, the man in white around him does not make any shelter.

And omnipotent netizens make comparisons through various means. This man in white is undoubtedly Hu Yitian's assistant.

Later, the blogger also revealed a chat message between the woman in red and Hu Yitian. The capital letter H is Hu Yitian.

Of course, it's normal for young people to fall in love or anything. Even for Hu Yitian, it's the same. It's so big that it's hard to keep him alone. Are netizens happy?

Someone once said on the Internet that Hu Yitian had made a girlfriend and would like to make it public in the near future. I don't know if it's the girl in red. Just this morning, the girl's information was also skinned by everyone.

The girl's surname is Zheng, and she is a famous online red and model. Although she can see that she has been groomed, her body is hot and sexy. No wonder she can be looked upon by Hu Yitian

What's interesting is that after being exposed by netizens, Zheng also deleted a lot of microblogs, and only kept a very meaningful article, that is, she never regretted it before, I don't know if it's Hu Yitian?

In fact, last year, a big V in the entertainment industry posted on the Internet that Hu Yitian invited a girl to his room in the name of playing games, but Hu Yitian should not have thought of it. At last, he was photographed with several photos of him looking at his mobile phone in bed, which caused a storm of public opinion.

But for such a thing, everyone was very open. Before, Wu Yifan and little GNA had a lot of trouble. As a result, just a few months later, Wu Yifan came back with the king, and netizens and fans forgot about it.

I don't know how the working team of Hu Yitian will deal with the nightclub gate this time?