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What's the preferential policy for 2018 college entrance examination permit? Is the entrance examina

The 2018 college entrance examination has passed, but you candidates, do you still have your examination permit? After the examination, do not throw it away, because in the next few months, this examination permit will save you a lot of money.

What are the advantages of 2018 college entrance examination permit

After the college entrance examination, I believe most of the students will choose to relax, get together or go out for a tour. Most students will choose places with group purchase discounts for dinner or movies. In the period after the college entrance examination, nearly all entertainment malls and cinemas will have candidates with half price or discount price of college entrance examination permit.

Of course, KTV in some cities will also launch a series of activities, for example, students come to consume with the college entrance examination permit, and a KTV will offer singing time and snacks. Similarly, the college entrance examination permit also offers various electronic products, such as mobile phones, cameras, televisions, etc.

Choosing to travel is a good way for many students to relax after the college entrance examination. Of course, many tourism companies, in combination with scenic spots around the country, will also launch half price or free admission activities for the students who pass the college entrance examination.

In addition, many students will ask about whether there is any discount for buying train tickets with college entrance examination permit. The answer is No. According to the policy of relevant railway departments, there is no preferential policy for students to buy train tickets only by college entrance examination permit, but can enjoy half price discount if they buy train tickets with college entrance examination admission notice. And after going to university, you can also enjoy a half price discount by virtue of your student card.

There will also be some students who choose to apply for driving license in the period after the college entrance examination, so some driving schools in urban areas will launch corresponding preferential activities for such students who have the college entrance examination permit.