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What's the advantage of the most luxurious bath water in Colleges and universities?

@The bathhouse of Henan University of science and technology has used the hot spring water 1800 meters underground of Longmen Mountain as bath water for nearly ten years. Most of the students said they didn't know it was hot spring water, but they said it was really comfortable after bathing and their skin felt slippery. Netizen: I have never been disappointed by other schools. For the students in this school, do they feel different? So what are the advantages of bathing with hot spring water in daily life?

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What are the benefits of bathing with hot spring water?

1. Calming effect of hot spring water temperature on skin

When the water temperature of hot spring pool is 37 ℃ - 40 ℃, it has a sedative effect on human body, and has a good effect on the patients with neurasthenia, insomnia, psychosis and hypertension, heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage sequelae. When the temperature of the pool water is 40 ℃ - 43 ℃, it is called high temperature bath. At this time, it has exciting and stimulating effect on human body, good effect on heart and blood vessels, and has curative effect on relieving pain, treating neuralgia, rheumatism and gastrointestinal diseases. At the same time, it can improve the constitution, strengthen the resistance and prevent diseases.

2. The water pressure and buoyancy of hot spring water help to lose weight

When bathing in the hot spring, water exerts pressure on the human body, oppresses the chest and abdomen, affects the circulatory organs and ventilator, and has the effect of diuresis and treatment of edema. The buoyancy effect of water on human body makes people lose weight. People who can't walk underground are more convenient to move in the water. Bathing in hot springs can help hemiplegia, sports paralysis and rheumatism patients with sports training, which has a great effect on the recovery of health.

3. Hot spring water minerals can beautify and beautify the face

There is really a strong beauty effect in hot springs. The key is that there are some special chemicals in hot spring water. According to these chemical components, hot spring water can be generally divided into carbonated spring, salt spring, sulphuric acid salt spring, sulfur spring and radioactive spring. Most of these substances can precipitate on the skin when soaking in soup, and after absorption, some of them can penetrate into the body, thus making blood circulation and changing the pH of the skin.

Among them, salt spring can change skin permeability, inhibit skin cell division, affect skin metabolism, so as to prevent skin aging; sulfur mineral spring can affect skin immune system, soften skin horniness, and even treat chronic skin diseases. Sulfur spring can soften horniness, alum spring has astringent effect, carbonated water containing sodium element has the effect of bleaching and softening skin.

4. Hot spring water is effective for cold and wet constitution

Cold stagnation and damp stagnation are the main factors of many people's physical discomfort. In fact, the harm of cold and humidity to human body is mainly that they block our meridians, which are blocked and full of diseases. By reflecting the biological waves emitted by the human body, the hot springs can make the cells produce resonance, so as to achieve the purpose of expelling cold and humid air and opening channels and collaterals.

5. Hot spring has the effect of preventing cancer

In daily life, a large amount of acid waste will be left in the body, which will make the human body become acid. This acid environment is the favorite environment for cancer cells. The hot spring can promote cell movement, and anion can clean up the garbage in the blood vessels. Meanwhile, the hot spring water provides small molecule group active water rich in a variety of beneficial minerals for the human body. This water can clean the human body's cells, and the minerals in it can combine with the acid substances in the body, so that the human body can achieve acid-base balance. Cancer cells are born and die every day in the life of ordinary people This is the proof of modern medicine and common sense of life. People with high immunity have the constitution of cancer prevention, and people who are easy to get sick will gradually reduce their immunity with age, which greatly increases the birth of cancer cells. 1500 years ago, in the Northern Wei Dynasty, shuijingzhu recorded: 'huangnv soup can cure thousands of diseases. It is said that the ancients used hot spring water for drinking and bathing treatment.

6. Hot spring can improve three high symptoms

Three high syndrome is actually the accumulation of excessive toxins in the body, which blocks our blood channels and affects the normal function of the body. Hot springs can release a lot of negative ions and biological waves. Negative ions can accelerate blood circulation and remove rubbish attached to the wall of blood vessels. Biological waves can restore the function of our damaged and dormant cells, so that the body can turn on its original function again. Therefore, after clearing the blood vessels, hypertension and hyperlipidemia will be good, the function of islets of Langerhans will be restored, and diabetes will be gone.

7. Hot spring can promote blood circulation

In the hot spring, the minerals in the hot spring will promote blood circulation and metabolism through the skin of the body. When the mineral substance of the hot spring penetrates into the skin of the body, its chemicals can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and immune system.

8. Hot spring can cool down and dissipate heat

When people are immersed in hot springs, their pores will open quickly, which is conducive to heat emission. Through repeated immersion, the whole body is like eating mints, which can completely eliminate the body's sultry and cure the symptoms and root causes. On the contrary, if people soak directly in cold water, the pores will be closed immediately when they are stimulated. Although the skin will feel cool, the heat in the body cannot be completely discharged and the purpose of cooling can not be achieved. That's why a hot bath in summer is better than a cold one.

9. Hot spring water can be used for diuretic treatment of edema

When bathing in the hot spring, water exerts pressure on the human body, oppresses the chest and abdomen, affects the circulatory organs and ventilator, and has the effect of diuresis and treatment of edema.