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Make up for 25 years, never remove make-up toxin and accumulate black lumps under the eyes

Make up for 25 years never remove make-up, under the eyelids grow black lumps or insomnia how on earth? For many girls, go out is not the first to take care of yourself? So make up for 25 years not remove make-up what will it look like?

A 50-year-old American woman named Theresa Lynch, who lives in Sydney, Australia, recently posted a video online about her gruesome make-up experience.

In the past 25 years, she had never removed her Mascara after the mascara was applied. Due to the long-term accumulation of the toxin, there were many black lumps under her eyelids, which almost endangered her vision.

At first, she just felt uncomfortable under the eyelids, as if she was stimulated by something. She applied eye lubricating oil and used eye drops, but they did not alleviate the discomfort. Finally, she had to see a doctor. The doctor told her that there were some small hard bumps under her eyelids, which are usually called stones, and this test result shocked her. Doctors also said the bumps could endanger her vision and require general anesthesia, which can take up to 90 minutes to remove.

Theresa and her doctor, Dana robaei, made a video of the process of the examination, and then they posted the chilling image on social platforms to warn people of the dangers of not removing their makeup after putting it on.

When it comes to the effects of continuous makeup removal, Theresa said: 'at first, I found that there was a strange feeling in the eyes, like something stuck under the eyelid, and then these small bumps were stacked under the eyelid, more and more. I also feel more and more uncomfortable. My eyelids are completely swollen, and my eyelids are very heavy, because these small bumps have accumulated too much. When Dr. Dana opened my eyelids, she couldn't see my whites at all, and there was blood all over my eyes. This is all because I have used mascara for many years, but after I finished my eye makeup, I didn't remove it in time, which made these cosmetics more and more left in my eyelids. Now I understand the importance of getting rid of makeup every night. '

Dr. Dana said she had never seen anything similar to what happened to Theresa after years of medical experience, and Theresa's experience was a great example to warn women of the potential dangers of cosmetics. At the same time, she also wrote a research paper on Theresa's case and published it in the American Academy of ophthalmology to improve the cosmetics safety awareness of women.