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Can I eat litchi when it's green and not ripe? What are the ripening methods of immature litchi?

Litchi, a fruit that many people like to eat, can be bought in the supermarket. But sometimes in the supermarket to buy litchi is not very ripe, how to do? How to speed up the ripening of litchi? How to speed up the ripening of litchi?

How to accelerate the ripening of litchi

Generally, the ethylene content in fruit body is relatively low after the fruit is picked when it is still mature, and the speed of fruit ripening will be accelerated after artificial exogenous feeding. Therefore, for the ripening fruit, it can ripen quickly with Ethephon.

1. Wrap litchi with paper, spray some water, cover it for a day or two in an airtight place. When litchi becomes soft, it can be peeled and eaten. It tastes delicious, sweet and delicious.

2. Bury litchi in rice and it will ripen in a day or two. The heat released by fruit respiration will be accumulated in the rice VAT, which improves the temperature in the rice VAT environment and also promotes the ripening of fruit. In addition, fruit respiration will release a lot of water, rice will absorb water, so that the fruit does not go bad.

3. Ripening is accelerated by Ethrel, and the fruit epidermis is is smeared with Ethrel at a concentration of 100ppm. Generally, litchi will mature after two or three days of storage. But, after all, it's not really mature, the taste of the pulp will be very light or even very astringent.

4. Alcohol can also speed up the ripening of litchi. 70% ethanol can be sprayed on the surface of the fruit, and the litchi can be ripened overnight. It is safe to use alcohol, which is harmless to litchi fruit, but industrial alcohol must not be used, because industrial alcohol contains high methanol and butanol, which is toxic to human body.

5. When litchi is stored in a high temperature environment, the temperature is generally 25 to 30 degrees, and litchi fruit will soon mature.

Note: the unripe and soft litchi fruit is very green and astringent. Do not put it in the refrigerator, or it will form dumb fruit and will never mature again. In addition, in winter, they should also be put in a warm place to ripen, or they may form dumb fruit.

Is litchi green edible

It depends on the specific situation. Unripe green litchi can not be eaten, because when the peel is still green, it contains more tannic acid, and the taste is more astringent, which affects the taste.

However, due to variety problems, some litchi ripe peel also has cyan, or even all cyan. This kind of litchi is green and edible. For example, there are many varieties of litchi, among which Feizixiao is green when it is mature, and other litchi with blue color indicates that it is not mature.