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How many days is the children's day off on June 1, 2018 arranged?

today is children's day on June 1. For many children, are they very excited? Will children's day be off? What is the origin of children's day on June 1? Children are the flowers of our country, so give them a good childhood.

Holiday arrangement for children's day on June 1, 2018

On Friday, June 1, 2018, according to Article 3 and point 3 of the State Council's measures for the national annual festival and Memorial Day holiday, children under the age of 14 have one day off.

However, on the children's day of June 1, the general school will organize literary and art activities. In case of Saturday, the activities will be held in the school one or two days in advance. On the day of children's day, the children will not need to go to school. But there are also schools that arrange for students to go back to school on the day of the festival. Different schools can make their own arrangements!

[content of children's Day manuscript: the origin of children's day]

In order to protect the rights and interests of children all over the world, the executive committee meeting of the International Federation of democratic women was held in Moscow in November 1949. It was decided to take June 1 as the international children's day every year. In April 1950, the International Federation of democratic women adopted a resolution calling on its women's organizations to commemorate the international children's day under the slogans of protecting children's lives from the danger of new wars, requiring the reduction of military budgets and increasing the cost of children's health and education.

Since the establishment of international children's day, most countries and international organizations in the world have taken a series of measures to promote the development of child protection, welfare and education.

Children are the future and hope of mankind, and their safety, survival and development are the preconditions for human progress. The international community should make greater efforts to eliminate war, poverty and protect children from AIDS, so as to create a safe, healthy, rich and happy living environment for children's healthy growth.