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How about eating more lychees? How to prevent litchi disease in summer?

Litchi has good taste and high nutritional value. It is a favorite food for everyone. But we can't eat more litchi in summer, especially if we eat litchi on an empty stomach, it's easy to get litchi disease. Let's follow Xiaobian to see what's going on.

How is it to eat more than 20 litchi to faint suddenly to return a responsibility?

The 7-year-old soldier came home from school hungry and thirsty, and ate more than 20 litchi in one breath. At dinner, the young soldier suddenly turned white with perspiration on his forehead and fainted on the dining table. After examination, he was hypoglycemia. Doctors remind that litchi is delicious but can't be eaten more. Excessive eating can cause hypoglycemia or even syncope.

More easily 'Litchi disease' children have because litchi contains substances that can affect blood sugar, which is easy to lead to hypoglycemia. The content of hypoglycine A is higher in immature litchi, which leads to hypoglycemia, and then hypoglycemia encephalopathy. Then the baby will have convulsions, coma and other diseases.

What harm does litchi eat more?

Get angry

Three fires for a litchi. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, litchi belongs to the warm nature. If you eat it more, it is easy to burn and not digest. It may cause sores on your mouth and tongue, bad breath and dry mouth, or even nosebleed. Those with damp heat constitution or poor gastrointestinal function should not eat more. For children, litchi is the same as mango, longan and other fruits. Children with heavy internal fire are better not to eat, and normal children should also try to eat less; for the elderly, the elderly with constipation should not eat as much as possible; especially the patients with liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease should be more careful.

The light one gets litchi disease

What is "litchi disease"? Litchi disease is actually hypoglycemia. The main symptoms of the patients are dizziness, sweating, pale face, fatigue and palpitation. Some patients will have thirst, hunger, abdominal pain and diarrhea. People who eat 2 kg of litchi every day are likely to suffer from Litchi disease, most of whom are children.

According to the doctor, there is a saying of "one litchi and three fire". For people with chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis, eating more litchi will aggravate the "false fire"; litchi has the pharmacological effect of lowering blood sugar. Eating a large amount of litchi can cause hypoglycemia, light people feel dizzy, sick, tired, weak, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pale face, etc., while heavy people are drowsy, comatose, convulsive, arrhythmia, blood pressure drop, or even dangerous Life. The main cause of the disease is eating a large number of Litchi on an empty stomach, which causes sudden hypoglycemia. It is called "litchi neck", which is common in children.

The most important will be coma or even death

If too much litchi is eaten at one time, too much fructose will lead to hypoglycemia because the content of blood glucose (blood glucose refers to the concentration of glucose in the blood) is much lower than normal. If not treated, they can die within hours. In particular, children should pay more attention not to eat more, otherwise it will seriously affect health.

How much litchi do you eat every day is the best

1. Litchi is warm and dry. People with Yin deficiency and fire are better to eat less (less than 0.25kg at a time).

2. If you are suffering from acne, sore, cold or acute inflammation, you are not suitable to eat lychee, otherwise it will aggravate the disease, but you are suitable to eat more if you have deficiency cold or stomach cold.