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I believe that the game can be revived with blood

In the early morning of May 3, Ms. LAN, 48, worked overtime in the factory. Suddenly, she received three messages from her son, only a few words: donate, don't save me, burn. Ms. LAN immediately left her job and ran home. She didn't expect her 19-year-old son to commit suicide after sending these three messages.

After an hour of abdominal surgery, the pain continued to intensify, and Xiao Ke gradually woke up. Finally, he called the 110120 police and his mother on the way to tell her not to worry.

Police at shangqingsi police station in Yuzhong District told reporters that they received a call for help from Xiao Ke at that time. At the scene, Xiao Ke cut a knife across his stomach and his blood flowed all over the place.

Although the knife wound is deep and the spleen is deep, but because the rescue is timely, Xiao Ke's life is finally picked up.

Ms. Lan said in tears that she was married in Hunan, but that marriage was unfortunate. At last, she came to Chongqing with her young son, Xiao Ke, to continue her life. Which mother doesn't want her child to go to school well and find a proper job later, but Ms. LAN alone pulls Xiao Ke to grow up and cares about work and education. Xiao Ke is infatuated with online games from junior high school to senior high school.

Xiao Ke is not interested in learning. Later, he found a job, but soon he will not go. In his opinion, real life is hard and boring, far less than his sense of achievement in online games.

Asked why he started on his own, he said that his mother was disappointed in him, and he didn't have confidence in his future. If he was reborn like a character in the game, he would probably be resurrected with full blood. There are often such plots in online games. According to the police, Xiao Ke applied his knowledge of virtual world to real life.

Xiao Ke said that his wrong actions did not lead to "rebirth", but added more pain and pressure to himself and his mother. These days, the mother and the son have said a lot of things together, and they can understand their mother's hardships better. In terms of thinking, they are "new students". After the injury is cured, he is ready to go back to work and learn some skills in real life.

Xiao Ke didn't go to work and buy medical insurance. After this self mutilation, the treatment cost 40000 or 50000 yuan, which was her mother's deposit for several years. She was only paid more than 3000 yuan a month, but now she can't earn it to take care of her son. Mother and son need to face more difficulties.

Xiao Ke has expressed regret many times. I'm sorry for her mother. In fact, Xiao Ke is kind and grateful. However, if he wants to be a real freshman, he should get rid of his obsession with online games and the virtual world, learn some real skills in real life, and gain the trust and respect of his family and friends with his real achievements.