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How do senior three students decompress before examination? What are the ways of college entrance ex

In a twinkling of an eye, the distance between college entrance examination and college entrance examination is only more than 20 days. With the decrease of countdown time, the psychological pressure of examinees is also increasing. Do you know how to reduce pressure before college entrance examination? For college entrance examination candidates, this is a war without smoke of gunpowder, so how to reduce pressure before college entrance examination?

1. Parents should not pay too much attention

As a parent, we need to adhere to a principle: if you really love your child, don't take the test results of your child too seriously, keep calm, don't be too nervous, don't pretend to be relaxed, and create a normal learning environment and family atmosphere for your child. Children from the parents of the ordinary heart of the infection, will see the test more light, review up will be cool heart, facing the college entrance examination will be calm.

2. Students' self adjustment

No matter where the pressure comes from, some students will resolve it. This shows that the most important way to relieve stress is self-regulation. Maybe I like to eat my favorite food to relieve the pressure, maybe I can relax myself by listening to music. Do something you like or can make you relax. That's the most important thing.

3. Write down anxiety

Do you know how to reduce stress before the exam? Let your anxiety down. Take about 10 minutes a day to write down your worries, fears and anxieties. In this process, you can freely express your inner emotions, which is also a kind of emotional expression. It reduces the emotional inhibition and effectively relieves the emotions.

4. Parents should not nag

Parents should learn to control their mouths a few days before the college entrance examination. Even if they express their concern, they should be optimistic about the timing. There are some necessary instructions. It's better to 'say the same thing' without repeating it for the second time. If parents change their nagging to listening, they will be better at playing chess. Parents can take their children for a walk and chat when they get along with them before the exam. When chatting, if a child tells you about difficulties or pressures, it may just be a kind of emotional catharsis, a kind of trust in you, which does not mean that it should be solved immediately. What you need to do at this time is to contribute more to your ears and be a good listener. If you still want to talk, it's better to tell a joke to your child and relax each other.

5. Students learn breathing relaxation

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, inhale for 5 seconds (deep and full when inhaled), hold your breath for 20 seconds, and exhale for 10 seconds (slow and even when exhaled). Repeat for more than 10 times, and you may reach the goal of relaxation.

6. Movement regulation

Arrange life scientifically and combine mental work with physical work organically. Go out of the classroom between classes, exercise your muscles and bones (avoid strenuous exercise), and insist on walking every night, which can relieve and regulate the tense mood.

7. The college entrance examination

How to reduce pressure in senior three. In fact, the college entrance examination is an opportunity on the road of life, but it can never decide the fate. Some students attach great importance to college entrance examination, so their attitude towards learning will be very cautious. In the invisible increased their own pressure. At this time to change their views on the college entrance examination, we just need to take it seriously and maintain a normal mentality.