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How many red envelopes are suitable for mothers on Mother's Day 2018? Mother's Day message

Tomorrow is mother's day. Many people are going to send red envelopes on Mother's day. How good is the 2018 mother's day red envelopes? Let's share the digital meaning of mother's day red envelopes. In fact, if you don't know how to buy flowers, sending red envelopes is the simplest and rough way.

How many red envelopes do you have on Mother's Day

To express your love, you can send: 5.20, 52.00 (I love you), 1.920, 19.20 (I love you forever), 2.099, 20.99 (I love you for a long time), 2.406, 24.06 (I love you to death), 2.013, 20.13 (I love you all my life);

Expression of missing mother can be sent: 5.30, 53.00 (I miss you), 3.406, 34.06 (I miss you), 3.60, 36.0 (I miss you);

7.70, 77.0, 88.0, 8.80;

Expression and mother have a long life: 1.99, 19.99, 199.99;

I hope that my mother will be smooth and beneficial: 6.66, 66.66 (shunshunshun), 1.66, 16.66, 166.66 (all the way);

I hope my mother will get rich: 8.88, 88.88 (hair), 1.68, 16.8, 168 (all the way), 1.78, 17.8, 178 (all the way);

Expression mother is one in a thousand, no one can replace: 100.01 one in a thousand, 100.1 (one in a hundred).

Mother's Day greetings

1. On this special day, mom, please allow me to say that I really love you.

2. Use my heart to smooth the wrinkles on your forehead, and use my emotion to dye the white hair on your head.

3. Your love is noble love, just giving, not asking for, not looking back, not asking for kindness.

4. Happiness is health. If my blessing can bring you a source of health, I would like to pray for you day and night.

5. Mom, today's mother's day, I want to say to you: you are the perfect combination of my mother's confidants and friends.

6. The thread in the mother's hand and the clothes of the wanderer are closely sewn before leaving. I am afraid that I will be back later. Who says "inch grass heart" and reports "three spring sunshine".

7. Family love always makes life full of a common but lasting warmth. Family love is the companion throughout life.

8. All the past will become a kind memory, and all the past will be precious. I miss the time you took us through.

9. You are always giving me an understanding look. You often say that happiness is a gift for children. So today, I send a smile to warm your heart.

10. Never forget our mother, never because of the passage of time and reduce our deep love for her. Happy mother's Day!

The above is how many good introductions of 018 mother's day red envelopes, you can send red envelopes according to your own ability, as long as you want to.