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What color lipstick do you like to wear in summer? What color is lipstick popular in summer 2018?

The summer sun is blazing, but many beautiful girls still wear some makeup, so that the whole person looks more energetic. What color of lipstick is suitable for summer? What color of lipstick is popular in 2018 summer? Let's have a look.

1. What color lipstick do you wear in summer

First of all, the use of lipstick must not only match the color of your lips with the skin color, but also adjust according to your makeup and clothes of the day. The color of lipstick you choose will reveal your character and influence others' impression on you!

Nude: enthusiastic, reliable, practical, sweet, friendly, beautiful and attractive.

Pink: friendly, sociable, funny, beautiful and attractive.

Orange: orange has red passion and yellow brightness. Applying orange lipstick will give people a warm and active feeling, which is very suitable for young and lively girls.

Red: creative, courageous, confident, ambitious, courageous and very motivated.

Purple red: independent, reliable, practical, ambitious, courageous, cultured, elegant, beautiful and attractive.

2. What color is suitable for white skin

Suitable colors: bright and bright colors

Minefield: bare color system, brown system

3. What color is suitable for yellow skin

Wheat skin color:

Suitable colors: orange and red with high saturation, and nude with similar lip color

Minefields: pink, fluorescent, neutral

Wheat color is actually a very good-looking skin color, which is healthy, energetic and very sunny. White as a fluorescent lamp, is not the pursuit of every girl.

Medium skin tone:

Suitable color: coral color, warm color

Minefield: peach red, purple red and other cold colors

Dark skin:

Suitable colors: Nude, brown, aunt and plum

Minefield: pink, fluorescent

Chocolate color is very similar to wheat color. The difference is that chocolate color is darker than wheat color, so the principle of color selection is the same. Choose the strongest or lightest color.

4. Make up in summer

1. The foundation is too thick.

It seems that every beautiful girl wants to seize the hot summer season to show her style, so colorful clothes appear in people's vision in various ways. However, if only the clothes are colorful, isn't it too monotonous? Therefore, in summer, the beauties like to wear heavy makeup on their faces to match the color of the clothes. How to evaluate this way? Self destruction. In summer, the metabolism of human body is very vigorous, and the secretion of sebaceous glands is also very large. If the foundation is applied too thick, it is easy to block the pores, thus hindering the excretion of oil. The oil keeps accumulating, and acne will grow. So, in the hot summer, it's better to wipe less powder.

2. Too much eye shadow.

Exaggerated colorful eye shadow in the eyes wantonly bloom color, which is also the summer beauties need to pay attention to when making up. In summer, the skin is easy to sweat, sweat flows down, and it is easy to wash the powder of eye shadow directly into the eyes. Most of the materials used to make eye shadow are chemicals, and the eyes are so fragile. Therefore, eye shadow rushing into the eyes will undoubtedly damage the visual organs. If you rub it with your hands, I'm afraid even bacteria will be brought into your eyes together, and eye diseases such as red eye disease and trachoma will not be invited. So, when summer makeup, eye shadow had better not be painted.

3. Apply more lipstick.

Everyone wants to have lovely full lips, especially in summer. Summer arrived, lips finally got rid of the dry crack of autumn and winter, naturally want to be beautiful. So, many beautiful eyebrows began to buy a variety of lipsticks, in order to show the three-dimensional effect of lips, and even apply a lot of lipsticks. However, it should be noted that drinking water in summer is very frequent. In order to avoid trouble, some beauties simply don't wipe off lipstick before drinking the drink. Anyway, they still need to drink it for a while. It's too troublesome to wipe it off again and again. In fact, it is destroying your health. Because lipstick contains a lot of pigments, even if some lipsticks have made edible signs, lipstick belongs to cosmetics. A lot of food will be harmful to health and even toxic. So, for the convenience of drinking drinks in summer, beauty girls, it's better to apply a small amount of lipstick.

Try not to pluck your eyebrows. Pulling out eyebrows tends to relax the skin around the eyes. If the eyebrows are thick, you can choose to shave them. Sparse can use eyebrow pen to trace eyebrows gently.