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What are the precautions for buying second-hand houses in 2018? Beware of the traps of buying second

is it hard for many people to reach the house price of tens of thousands every now, so many people will go back and ask for second-hand houses. Buying a house is a big deal for a family. Some people spend their whole life saving to buy a house. What are the precautions for buying a second-hand house? What should we pay attention to when buying a second-hand house? When buying a second-hand house, we should be careful. We should not be cheated for the sake of being cheap for a while.

Second hand house purchase notice 1: verify the identity of the seller and choose a reliable intermediary

Verify the identity of the seller. If it's an individual, look at his ID card; if it's an intermediary, it's necessary to choose a formal real estate intermediary with a certain degree of credibility as the supervisor of the funds and house delivery of both sides of the second-hand house transaction, so as to ensure the smooth transfer of the house after the payment, and the house and the money will be cleared after the transfer. If necessary, you can refer to the "two certificates" that the intermediary agencies should have, one is the business license issued by the industrial and commercial department, and the other is the qualification certificate of the intermediary agency issued by the housing and Land Administration Bureau, which is the premise of buying second-hand houses.

Second hand house purchase notice 2: confirm property right

It is necessary to pay attention to whether the name on the property right certificate is consistent with the owner, the nature and content of the property right, including the area, address and the distribution proportion of the standard price house. At the same time, we should check the authenticity of the original and the property right certificate. In addition, we also need to know whether the second-hand house is a cost price house or a standard price house or an affordable house. The different nature of property rights involves the complexity of the sales process, as well as the distribution of the purchase income, which ultimately affects the signing of the second-hand house sales contract.

Second hand house purchase note 3: check whether the house is allowed to be sold

It is necessary to confirm whether the original unit agrees to the transfer and the distribution method for confirming the interests with the original property right unit. The transfer of public housing purchased at standard price has the problem of making up the expenses according to the cost price or sharing with the original unit in proportion. The buyer should understand this. In addition, the public houses of military products, hospital products and school products are generally in the same courtyard with the office of the unit. The above units are generally listed as special units. Such public housing units cannot obtain listing qualification without consent.

Precautions for second-hand house purchase 4: key commitments should be reflected in the contract

During the signing process, special attention shall be paid to that any key agreement on the transaction or any commitment of the Seller shall be embodied in the contract and cannot be replaced by oral agreement, because oral agreement cannot provide evidence in case of dispute.

The necessary terms of the contract mainly include: housing area and ancillary facilities, price and payment method, land use period, housing delivery period, liability for breach of contract, etc.

Precautions for purchase of second-hand house 5: specify the payment method and time

This link is the most prone to disputes, so it is necessary to make clear in the contract the amount of total house payment, payment method, payment time, payment terms, loan method and other relevant contents. Generally, in the agreement, the buyer can take about 10% of the total price of the house as the condition of re payment when delivering the house to restrict the seller to deliver the house according to the principle; or it can require the owner to move out and hand over the house before paying the purchase price.

Precautions for second-hand house purchase 6: be careful about the handover of house payment and property right

Don't trust the reputation of the other party casually. It is an important issue to pay before transferring the ownership or transfer before paying the money. You can consider to place the house money in a unit that both parties can trust, such as the lawyer building or the agency company with good reputation, and transfer the house money into the seller's account after the transfer.

Precautions for second-hand house purchase 7: ensure the smooth transfer of property rights

Only after the property rights have been handled by the local housing and land administration bureau can the transfer formalities be completed. There are agency companies, lawyers, notarial guarantees, etc. are not the end of the sales process; from the perspective of buying a house, it must be the property right after the end of the house before this suite really belongs to you, before this, the seller can break the contract at any time.

Notes on second-hand house purchase VIII: specify the time limit for household registration to move out

When signing the contract, it is necessary to indicate the time limit for the seller to move out of the account. You can clearly indicate the obligation of the original homeowner to move out in the contract. You can keep part of the balance payment until it moves out, or agree on a default standard. If the homeowner moves out one day later, he will pay a certain amount of liquidated damages.

The second-hand houses will be considered after the completion of the transaction. Most of the second-hand houses are old-fashioned apartments, with the most important characteristics of old age and small size. Therefore, when making changes, they should generally move in the general direction. Let's take a look at the second-hand house decoration.

1. Demolition and cleaning

After all, the second-hand house is a secondary decoration, so the original decoration should be removed and cleaned. This work mainly includes the removal of old doors and windows, the removal of the original wall, even the removal of the original tiles and the ground. The key point to be explained here is that when changing doors and windows, it is better to finish it before painting the wall, baoyakou and pasting the wall bricks.

2. Hydropower transformation

In the second-hand house decoration precautions, water and electricity transformation is a first-class problem. If the house is worried, there will be no big problem for the line generally. If the house is older, it is necessary to consider the re laying of water and electricity. According to the use and aesthetics, the design of drawings and the re construction should be done. After the completion of hydropower transformation, it is necessary to make a good distinction between strong and weak electricity, as well as pressure test of water pipes and relevant waterproof test.

3. Wall treatment

For the wall treatment of each space, mainly including wall leveling, crack repairing, putty scraping, etc., it is latex paint after that. During this process, it should be noted that the measurement of cupboard should be carried out at this time, because such size will be more accurate.

4. Tiling

It mainly refers to the wall tiles and floor tiles. In the second-hand house decoration precautions, this process is generally carried out after the completion of water and electricity and the inspection is no problem. When installing the tiles, the wall tiles from the toilet, kitchen, balcony and then the floor tiles, so that the wall tiles will not be damaged and more cleaning work will be produced.

5. Installing doors and windows

After painting the wall paint, or when painting the last finishing coat, you can install the door and the bayonet. Generally, the production time of the door needs about 15 days, so you can set it in advance according to this time. Later, you can install lights, panels, sanitary wares, etc. if you want to make woodworking furniture, you can brush the paint after painting the emulsion paint.