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Blind people with guide dogs are refused guide dogs travel embarrassment related law blank in China

For the blind, the guide dog is almost their second pair of eyes. However, recently, Zhou Yunpeng, a blind singer, was refused to stay in a hotel in Shanghai with his guide dog, which disappointed him. In fact, such embarrassment is not unique. Zhou Yunpeng said that when he went out to perform and stayed in the hotel, he was often refused the door because of his guide dog.

According to the survey, guide dogs are regarded as pets in the hotel industry, and most hotels clearly stipulate that pets are not allowed to stay. However, there are no clear regulations on whether blind people can take guide dogs to hotels, which also leads to the embarrassment of guide dog travel.

Guide dogs are often turned away

On April 30, Zhou Yunpeng, a blind singer, rushed to Shanghai from Nanjing to attend the Shanghai strawberry Music Festival on May 1. However, he was embarrassed when staying in the hotel.

Zhou Yunpeng has a guide dog named "bear". He has been with him for many years. He always takes it with him when he goes out. It is inseparable from him to take a bus, fly or stay in a hotel. They were going to stay at Sheraton Hotel in Waigaoqiao this time, but when they checked in, they were refused by the hotel.

Yesterday, the reporter contacted Zhou Yunpeng's agent and confirmed the truth to him. The reason why Sheraton refused "bear" was that they were hotels in the bonded area and said that we didn't have a health license to carry pets. After repeated communication, Zhou Yunpeng is still not allowed to stay with the bear. But I can only find another place.

In fact, Zhou Yunpeng's trip went through many twists and turns because of the 'bear' accommodation problem. According to reports, on April 28, Zhou Yunpeng left Dali with "bear" and flew to Hangzhou. Then they went to Ningbo, Nanjing and Shanghai to participate in the performance activities, which resulted in different accommodation. Westin Hotel in Ningbo accepts guests to check in with guide dogs. However, when arriving in Nanjing, Pullman hotel of Lukou Airport refused to check in because of the fear that the bearish hair would enter other rooms through the ventilation system. When I arrived in Shanghai, I was once again rejected by Sheraton Waigaoqiao hotel for another reason.

Zhou Yunpeng was also disappointed when he was refused to stay with "bear". He said on his microblog that the guide dog is a working dog walking with the visually impaired. It is very hard to work and worthy of respect. To refuse it is to refuse some visually impaired people. He called on public places to comply with relevant national regulations to accept guide dogs, and also hoped that more hotels could accept guide dogs.

Seeing seeing eye dogs as pets

As for Zhou Yunpeng's encounter, the reporter contacted Sheraton Shanghai Waigaoqiao hotel yesterday. According to the hotel's regulations, pets are not allowed to stay, and guide dogs are regarded as pets.

Sheraton hotel staff told reporters that the hotel has always clearly stipulated that guests are not allowed to bring pets to stay, even with a pet's health permit. As for why can't I take my pet to stay? The other side said that this is the hotel's rules, and I don't know the specific reasons.

Reporters yesterday called Marriott, Sheraton, intercontinental and other high star hotels, the other side said that guests are not allowed to bring pets in. And Jinjiang Star, Hanting, home and other chain hotels, also said that pets are not allowed to stay.

According to the hotel industry, it is almost an industry potential rule for hotels to refuse guests to take pets, especially in some high-end hotels. The main reason is the fear that pets will affect other guests. For example, pet noise, sanitation, and even worry about whether there will be injuries. Once there is similar friction, guests will complain, which will also have a bad impact on the reputation of the hotel, so many hotels basically do not allow guests to take pets.

There are also a few hotels that allow pets. According to the reporter, pets are allowed to enter the room in star hotels, including the Grand Hyatt in Chongming and Radisson in Pudong. Some hotels even use this as a selling point, with special pet rooms, but the number is limited, so you need to make an appointment in advance.

There are many restrictions on staying by car

'bear' has been repeatedly rejected by hotels on the basis of the 'no pets allowed' hotel regulations. So, is the guide dog a pet? Is this hotel rule applicable?

In this regard, some hotel people believe that although guide dogs have different functions, their essence is still dogs, and they are large dogs. The vast majority of guests will still regard them as pet dogs, and the hotel will also treat them in accordance with the pet policy.

Zhou Yunpeng disagrees. He believes that guide dogs are working dogs and cannot be treated as pets. Unlike ordinary pet dogs, guide dogs are gentle and non aggressive at the beginning. They have undergone strict training and have amazing endurance. Apart from work, they will keep quiet at other times.

Zhou Yunpeng also explained with the example of "bear": this time he started from Dali with "bear" and traveled all the way from Hangzhou to Ningbo, Nanjing and Shanghai. "Xiong Xiong" can't drink water and eat ten hours before taking the flight. He retches as soon as he gets off the bus. He has to accompany him to perform on stage. It's very hard, but he insists on it.

More experts point out that the supply of guide dogs in China is seriously insufficient. In addition, the guide dogs are subject to various restrictions in travel such as driving, flying and staying in the hotel. It is amazing that some guide dogs that have been put into use can only stay at home and become pets.

Lack of clear provisions in relevant laws

In addition to the lack of public awareness of guide dogs, the imperfection of relevant laws and regulations also causes obstacles to guide dogs' travel.

The reporter learned that at present, there are no special laws and regulations on carrying guide dogs. The newly revised law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of the disabled has only one relevant content: 'blind people who bring guide dogs to public places shall abide by the relevant provisions of the state. '

According to the regulations on the construction of barrier free environment in China: 'the visually handicapped shall abide by the relevant provisions of the state when they enter or leave public places with guide dogs, and the staff in public places shall provide barrier free services in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. Airport, railway station and hotel are all public places. In other words, it is allowed to bring guide dogs into the hotel by law. However, it is not clear whether the guide dog and the visually impaired can stay in the hotel room together. Similarly, laws and regulations do not prohibit guide dogs and visually impaired people from staying in hotel rooms together. There is no clear agreement between yes and No. As a result, in the actual operation, the hotel has basically formulated the relevant standards according to its own situation.

Specific to this city, according to Article 23 of the regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the administration of dog breeding, it is prohibited to bring dogs into office buildings, schools, hospitals, stadiums, museums, libraries, cultural and entertainment places, waiting rooms (aircraft and ship), restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and other places, or take buses, trams, rail transit and other public transport means. However, it is also clearly stated that 'blind people who carry guide dogs are not subject to the provisions of this article. 'blind people are also allowed to bring guide dogs into public places such as shopping malls and hotels, but there is no clear regulation on whether they can stay in hotels.