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How does the black eye circle of giant panda turn white? The reason why the black eye turns white re

A few days ago, a number of giant pandas in Chengdu Research Base of giant panda breeding encountered the situation of "black eye turns white", which attracted the attention of many domestic giant panda lovers and netizens. The black eye circle of giant panda is a landmark feature. Why does the black eye circle suddenly turn white? What is the cause?

The reporter learned on May 2 that Professor Luo Qingli, a famous orbital disease expert in China, former director of Ophthalmology of West China Hospital of Sichuan University and business director of Chengdu Huaxia Eye Hospital, had been invited to consult the sick giant panda and submitted the test results. He revealed that although the specific cause of the panda's' black eye turns white 'has yet to be officially released, there is also an unknown cause of' white eye ring disease 'in humans.

The event of "black circles turn white" of giant panda has been continuously concerned by netizens. Chengdu Research Base of giant panda breeding has previously responded that it has confirmed that some giant pandas have partial depilation around their eyes, and is actively identifying the cause, and will take effective measures for treatment later.

The reporter learned that in addition to Luo Qingli, the experts invited to attend the consultation also included ran Yuping, a famous dermatologist in China and professor of dermatology in West China Hospital of Sichuan University. The consultation objects were Yong and Xiaoya of giant panda in Chengdu Research Base of giant panda breeding. After checking the eye condition of the giant panda, both experts issued the inspection report but did not give the diagnosis conclusion on the cause of the disease. Finally, the specific reason for the "black eye turns white" of the giant panda remains to be uniformly studied and announced by Chengdu Research Base of giant panda breeding.

Luo Qingli revealed that the similar disease of white circles of human eyes is called xiaoliuyuantian syndrome. After suffering from xiaoliuyuantian syndrome, uveitis, retinal hemorrhage and detachment, vitiligo, baldness, leukosis (gray hair, eyebrows, eyelashes) and nervous system damage may occur.

He said that xiaoliuyuantian syndrome is an endocrine, viral and immune related disease, but the cause is not clear. Most of the cases occurred in the young and middle-aged. The incidence rate had no significant relationship with gender. Yellow people were common. The whole course of disease lasted for months to one year, and then it could be relieved naturally. However, a few patients were prone to relapse, and the course of disease could last for years or decades.

But it's not the disease. Luo Qingli said that the inspection of the two giant pandas has ruled out the possibility of the giant panda suffering from little liuyuantian syndrome.