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Girls are bitten by stray dogs, monitored, and the whole process is too cruel reported that on May 2, a micro blogger, director of Jiangnan pig factory, released a video in which the girl was bitten by a group of stray dogs. It is understood that this is a scene found on the evening of May 1 on the campus of Xiangtan University.

To this end, Xiangtan University security office staff told, "it is true. At that time, the girl was sent to the CDC for treatment. At present, she has received comprehensive treatment, but the specific information is subject to the information released by the propaganda department. '

The security service staff also told the global network that "cleaning up stray dogs has always been done, and it's not about killing stray dogs, which is too cruel, just sending them to other rescue stations.". '

what should I do when I encounter a stray dog?

When approaching a strange dog, you should not look directly into the dog's eyes, because when people and dogs look at each other, no matter how docile the dog is, they will think you are provoking or threatening its interests. If the dog is excited, the look at each other will even arouse its anger. You should approach the dog from the side. Most dogs will think that this way is more aggressive than face-to-face It's much smaller to ease the dog's desire to attack. At the same time, smell the back of the hand, let it accept your breath, caress the dog's lower jaw and chest, and try to relax the dog.

In fact, dogs and humans are good friends. As long as we master scientific methods, people will get along with dogs more harmoniously.

matters needing attention

If you don't have the experience of dealing with dogs, if you are afraid of dogs, don't shout at strange dogs on the road. Generally speaking, you don't mess with it, it doesn't mess with you. Many people are bitten by a dog and often provoke it first.

In case of an active attack on your dog on the road, don't panic, calm down, and never run out of your legs, because you should immediately squat down and do a stone picking action, generally dogs are very afraid of people still stone, which is very effective.

Don't provoke a lactating dog when you see it.

Don't tease others' dogs. When others' dogs are tethered, released or in training, don't tease them with exaggerated actions to avoid being attacked by dogs.

Warm reminder:

At about 6:00 p.m., dogs are most likely to get excited. At this time, patting the back of a strange dog, in particular, will make the dog misunderstood that you want to dominate it. Therefore, it will have defensive psychology and may take aggressive measures,