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Can two-year-old baby eat jelly? What harm does darling eat jelly?

For many little babies, sometimes Hu is attracted by the colorful jelly. The little jelly looks so appetizing. Sometimes parents feel that the jelly will not affect the children, so they can't resist the baby's demands. Can the little baby eat the jelly? What's the harm for the baby to eat the jelly?

Why is jelly easy to lead to suffocation and death of children? Experts said: because jelly is not shaped, once inhaled, it is full of larynx, trachea and bronchi on both sides, which affects gas exchange, so as long as tens of seconds, the child will be in a coma due to lack of oxygen, and will die of suffocation within one minute.

In addition, even if the jelly is taken out, children may suffer from the sequelae of brain hypoxia, such as slow response, affecting the development of right brain, as well as the decline of hearing and language ability, resulting in slow intellectual development, or even becoming a vegetable. In addition, jelly contains pigment, and its nutritional value is not high. It has no special benefits for children.

The harm of baby eating jelly

The most dangerous food is jelly, which is elastic and bulky. Children like to suck and throw jelly into their mouths. These actions are very dangerous. Once choking occurs, it is easy to cause complete blockage of respiratory tract and suffocation. It's better for children to eat jelly with a spoon, which is safer.

1. The baby often eats jelly, does not have the certain diet rule, will disturb the digestive system time to eat the conditioned reflex, the stomach and intestines also cannot obtain the proper rest, causes the stomach and intestines peristalsis to weaken, causes the baby to lose appetite, affects the normal intake of the dinner.

2. Long term intake of sugary things such as jelly will consume a lot of vitamin B1, which will make the baby suffer from hyperactivity, irritability, inattention and other symptoms, hindering their healthy growth.

3. In the process of extraction, the main component of jelly, sodium alginate, almost lost many vitamins, minerals and other components; and the main component of jelly belongs to dietary fiber, which is not easy to be digested and absorbed. If the baby ingests too much, it will affect their digestion and absorption of necessary nutrients, which will lead to poor development of the baby over time.

Jelly should not be eaten more. And when the baby eats jelly, it's better to use a small spoon to scoop it, instead of sucking it into his mouth at once. This kind of eating method is easy to suck the jelly into his windpipe by mistake, causing suffocation.