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What happens when a boy cries to despair and swallows gum by mistake?

When we were young, we listened to our parents saying, "don't swallow gum. Be careful of sticking your intestines.". In fact, the main components of chewing gum are sugar and gum base, in which gum base cannot be digested by the human body, but it can be excreted through intestinal peristalsis like vegetable fiber. However, if you swallow a large amount of gum at one time, it may cause discomfort. But why do you swallow a lot of gum when you are free?

What about children swallowing gum by mistake?

1. Baby swallows gum by mistake: discharge by itself, don't worry

Gum contained in gum is not digested, most of which can be excreted with defecation. Can eat some crude fiber food, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of chewing gum. Because the inner wall of the stomach is very smooth, and there is a lot of mucus secreted, chewing gum can not be stuck, will not hurt the gastrointestinal tract. After swallowing, it will be discharged automatically if it cannot be digested. There is also a kind of xylitol gum on the market, which can be swallowed completely, but it should be avoided to enter the trachea by mistake.

2. Baby swallows chewing gum by mistake: upside down and clapping back method to prevent entering the trachea

When a child has a foreign body choking into the trachea, parents should not panic. First, they should remove the vomit or food residue in the nose and mouth, but do not try to dig out the foreign body in the trachea by hand to prevent chewing gum such as the trachea. Correct method: the child's feet should be carried upside down, head down, and the other hand should be patted on the back of the child to shake the foreign body. At this time, the child coughs violently because of the stimulation of the foreign body, and the airflow can flush the foreign body out of the airway, thus saving the child's life. Warm tip: when children have food in their mouths, don't make them cry, laugh, talk or be frightened, so as to prevent the food from being inhaled into the trachea.

3. Baby's best not to eat gum

It's better not to give gum to children, because it's not only no good, but also troublesome if swallowed by mistake. Chewing gum is easy to get into the trachea of infants, which is life-threatening. Gum gum is digested by stomach acid and intestinal enzyme, it will completely decompose into the residue without viscosity, which will not have adverse effects on the body. Gum has pigment and artificial essence, which is not good for the baby's physical development. Advice: wait until the child is sensible (about 5 or 6 years old); and parents should also pay attention to it and remind the child not to swallow it.